Origins Pocket Reflex vs Origins Pocket 1500

Philip asked 13th February 2018

I’m really torn between the Origins pocket 1500 and the Origins Reflex because I prefer a firmer mattress and although I’ve called to discuss I didn’t want to call again to ask yet more questions so here goes! In the Reflex description it mentions 6 butterfly clips to provide edge support – is this more or less clips than the Pocket 1500 and does the number of butterfly clips in any way affect the quality/performance of the mattress? I’m also wondering if the 2 year warranty on the Reflex reflects the fact that this mattress is aimed at B&Bs/guesthouses given their regular replacement of commercial mattresses – will this mattress last a reasonable time (i.e. beyond 5 years) in a domestic setting, as I wouldn’t want to have to replace in 2-3 years time?

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 11 months ago

Good Morning Philip,

The Origins Pocket Reflex 1000

 Origins Reflex
1750gsm Very soft Polyester
2One inch reflex foam layer
3270gsm Polyester
4One inch reflex foam layer
51000 Spun Bond Pocket Springs

and the Origins Pocket 1500

 John Ryan By Design Origins 1500
1300gsm Wool
2750gsm Very Soft Polyester
3500gsm Polyester Pad
4One Inch Foam Insulator Layer
51500 Spun Bond Pocket Springs

both have the same amount of butterfly clips. They are there to provide edge support for the mattress.

We do recommend the Reflex 1000 for B&B’s / Guest Lets because the firmer upholstery in the top layer means that it accommodates a much wider range of body weights but at the same time we get a lot of feedback that the mattress is very comfortable.

The 2 year guarantee is there as a standard but with correct care and maintenance the mattress can last a lot longer. We advise to flip our mattresses once a month in the first year and then drop it to every 3-4 months in the second year onwards. By doing this you are evenly distributing the wear and tear across both sides of the mattress and increasing the lifespan.

I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us. 0161 437 4419

Kind Regards, Lee.