Overweight persons mattress recommendation

Maggie asked
30th September 2015

Hi, I am an overweight woman, not very tall, and a stomach sleeper. I like a firm mattress, and often sit on the edge to do make up etc. ( I know it’s not recommended.) I usually have a divan base but would consider a bedstead. I am buying a new double bed and moving mine to a spare bedroom, so I can always move it back if I don’t like the new one. What would you recommend?
Thank you.

1 Answer
answered 4 years ago

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for your question.

Whilst I appreciate your candor in disclosing that you are overweight and not very tall, specific weight details are required in order for us to properly advise the most appropriate product in our ranges.

A range you could have a look at would be our resilience range, this is more suited to heavy sleepers.

Please call our office to provide this information 0161 437 4419 and receive specific advice as to the suitability of one of our products. We only supply divan and ottoman bases.

Kind regards Mike.