Pocket Spring mattress with depth of 8 inch max

Sophie Singh asked
11th January 2016

Thank you for providing such an informative site. I am looking for some help.
My Grandmother has a small double antique bed. She is looking to replace the mattress, however due to the construction of the bed frame, the maximum depth she can accommodate is 8 inches. She currently has a foam/latex mattress, but is finding it uncomfortable / too hot. She would ideally like to replace it with a decent pocket sprung mattress, but the depths of the ones on your website seem all to be greater than 8 inches.
Could you recommend any options? I have personally suggested that she buys a new frame, but she seems to be attached to the bed frame!
Many thanks

1 Answer
answered 6 years ago

Hi Sophie,

Thank you for your question.

It is impossible for me to recommend a product fitting the specifications you refer to. This is because in order to provide the comfort and support, most pocket sprung mattresses with either synthetic or natural upholstery layers all exceed the depth required. I have searched the internet and the only pocket sprung mattresses which match your requirements have memory foam as a main constituent and this is very heat retentive, something which I note you wish to avoid.

I would recommend that your grandmother should look to replace her base unit as this is placing a restriction on the selection of a new mattress. We have four different platform top and sprung divan bases to choose from.

Artisan Base

Before suggesting a product (mattress) from our ranges, I would need to know body weight, preferred feel and budget. If you are interested in one of our products, please call our office and provide this information at which point we will be able to guide you to the most appropriate mattress.

I trust that this helps.

Kind regards,