Premier Inn beds, what are the pros and cons of a no turn mattress ?

Allan Hobday asked
14th March 2019

If no turn mattresses are a scam, why are Premier Inn mattresses so comfortable? I have never been disappointed with the comfort of their beds.

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Guy Blundell
answered 2 months ago

Hi Allan Hobday,

Thanks for taking the time to ask a question,

Pillow topped mattresses (no turn mattresses) in general tend to be very soft in the comfort layer with medium support in the spring tension. This is the most popular combination as it covers the widest range of body weights. They are popular due to the soft sinking sensation the pillow top will give you. This is great for the short term, but the mattresses do tend to suffer quickly from compression. Leading to lumps and bumps in this pillow top layer.

Pillow top mattresses have quite a few pitfalls that aren’t found in traditional two-sided pocket sprung mattresses. Once the initial comfort layer of the pillow topped mattress settles, it is then very difficult to get it back to its original comfort level as there is no way to evenly distribute the fillings in the upholstery layers (ie turning the mattress over). This is due to the construction of pillow topped mattresses. In general they use a very soft initial comfort layer, As these fibres are very soft you will find that they settle and compress quickly. As a pillow topped mattress is not designed to be turned over, there will not be any comfort layers on the underside of the mattress and therefore it limits the amount of aftercare you can provide for your mattress and would immediately make me concerned for the overall longevity.

We broke down the Premier Inn mattress and reviewed it in great detail here, including comparisons to our Origins Pocket 1500 paired with an individual topper to replicate the feel whilst also benefiting from them both being fully two-sided.

The other thing to bear in mind with hotel beds like the Premier Inn mattress is that you’re only sleeping on them for a short space in time. Most people love the feel of a soft mattress short term. However, in the long term, this can lead to aches pains and the need to keep moving around at night to redistribute your weight. So whilst it’s not necessarily the worst mattress we have seen, even with the awful pillowtop problems, in the long term you may find that it sinks too much depending on your weight.

I hope this helps and if you want some tailored recommendations based on your height and weight we would be happy to help.

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