Problems with ergoflex mattress

Patricia asked
13th March 2015

Hi, my husband and I are currently sleeping on an ergoflex mattress, I find this too hot for me, I’m looking to purchase a latex mattress but haven’t a clue as to which one.

My husband is 5’10 and 11.1/2 stone and I am 5’6 and 12.1/2 stone.

I have lower back pain and just recently am suffering hip pain in the night, I would like your advice and recommendation as to which mattress would suit us, budget up to £600.

Submitted on 2015/03/13 at 06:58 I forgot to add our base is double size sprug slats.


1 Answer
answered 7 years ago

Hi Patricia,


Thanks for your question.


If you’re finding your current mattress too hot then you are along the right lines; We’d always advise that natural fillings are the best solution as those fillings give you the coolest sleep surface you can find. Alternatively, latex will also give a cool sleep surface but subjectively to a different degree.


Our Artisan range of mattresses have those natural fillings and I would always guide anyone to this range where there are issues with heat during sleep. As you disclose existing hip pains I’d advise you steer clear of anything too firm and look for something more medium overall. Our Artisan Naturals and Bespoke 004 are our true medium feeling models in the top layers providing a slight sink into the top layer but not too much. The only difference here is that the Bespoke 004 has a full 100% natural fillings compared to the 85% natural fillings in the naturals.

If you are looking at this range then you would both me matched with a Medium spring tension to get the right level of support; Body weight is the only thing that determines spring tension as this is what provides the support from inside the mattress.


If you are looking at purchasing latex and have never tried it before I would always advocate testing some comparison models beforehand as latex mattresses are very much an acquired taste. Our Fusion range are a range of 100% natural latex mattresses that we compare with the Dunlopillo range that can be found in stores such as Furniture Village, Harrods, House of Fraser or And So To Bed.


Within the Fusion range I’d advise you to look at the Fusion 5 or 3. Both come with a Medium density core mattress; The only difference here being that the Fusion 3 also comes with a completely detachable latex topper that gives you an extra layer to sink into before hitting the core mattress. Please see below for the full breakdown as well as comparison models for both these models;


 Fusion 5Dunlopillo Diamond
CoverMicro-quilt John Ryan Cover with tape edged damask sides2cm quilted cover with Actipro
118cm 100% 70kg Natural Latex 14cm Latex (Density & blend unknown)
Total Depth18cm + 3-5 cm for the quilted cover16cm


 Fusion 3Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign
CoverMicro-quilt John Ryan Cover with tape edged damask sides2cm quilted cover with Actipro
15cm 100% 70kg Natural LatexNA
218cm 100% 70kg Natural Latex 19cm Latex (Density & blend unknown)
Total Depth23cm + 3-5 cm for the quilted cover21cm


Please note that if you do purchase one of our Fusion mattresses you will need to board over your slats with MDF, plywood or pegboard as the latex will attempt to settle in any gap and cause potential damage and indentation.


I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419. We are on hand to help Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.


Kind Regards, Lee.