Recommendation for side sleepers

lesleyanne84 asked 26th November 2017

Hi there, please could youbrevommend a king size mattress for my husband and I? We are both side sleepers between 12-13 stone. I’m 5ft 6 and he us 5ft 10. I am currently pregnant so experiencing alot of aches and pains, particularly lumber/hip region and we are both waking with numb arms on a regular basis. My husband also suffers with a bad neck. Our last 2 mattresses have been memory foam, the latest being a 2 year old Eve mattress but I just don’t feel it giving us the support we need as we are both in alot of discomfort when we wake. Please help! Thank you.

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Amy Woolley Staff answered 1 year ago

Good morning,
Thank you for your question.
As side sleepers we always advice that you stay away from anything that is too firm in the upholstery as this will only worsen your problem with aches and pains. I would suggest that you choose a soft – medium in the upholstery layers to provide you with the ideal comfort.

We would advise that a medium spring tension would be suitable support for your body weights.

To enable me to suggest a suitable model i would need to know what your preference in fibre content is.
The origins range contain mainly man made fibres whereas our Artisan range contains mainly natural fibres.
Please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01619453757 for further advice.
Kind regards,