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Paul Ogden asked 4th August 2017

Looking for a bit of help, I am currently just under 9 stone; normal weight is around 10.5 stone but i have been rather ill lately. The current mattress I have is a cheap rubbish memory foam mattress which has sunk a great deal all over and has springs sticking in my back at all angles. Would like a mattress that allows me to comfortably sleep on my side, please note I am a bit of a fidgeter in bed also if that helps at all, I also sleep alone and spend a lot of time lying on my back watching tv so would need adequate support for my bad back, although I use a pillow under my legs to help with that slightly. I also have a bad neck and tight shoulders and my sleep position is that of a side sleeper so would also need the correct firmness to allow full decompression of joints so i can wake up without pain or pins and needles. I also hate when mattresses sag and droop/collapse at the sides, very annoying. I initially went to dreams and seemed to like the medium and also the medium firm mattresses, although the medium firm may have been slightly too firm when laid down on my side but much better form when laying on my back compared to the medium. Unfortunately or fortunately, after reading the reviews on Trust pilot I really do not want to purchase a mattress from Dreams in case I hate it and cannot return it, of which most of the bad reviews were complaining about. Anyhow I know this is a long shot but any help and recommendations would be great, your reviews are fantastic online so I am absolutely adamant on purchasing from yourselves. My current dimensions in inches are as follows:

Shoulders – 39
Hips – 29.5
Waist – 29

Would love to hear back from you as soon as possible as I cannot deal with my current mattress much longer, grrrrrrrrrr 🙁
Few other points:

1. Current mattress is very soft and droops considerably in the middle
2. Looking for a small double size mattress/base/headboard – the whole nine yards.
3. I can not visit a store to test the mattresses directly 🙁
4. Price range is anything up to £1300ish or maybe a little more if a more suitable mattress is recommended


Thank you in advance and sorry for the ultra-long request 🙂

Also, I get the feeling at Dreams that they hike the price up and state a massive sale on a mattress that in reality is probably only worth the stated sale price, very disgusting indeed.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your questions.

We always start our process by matching the customer to the correct spring tension. The spring tension is what provides you with the correct level of support from within the mattress itself.

At your body weight we would match you to a Medium spring.

Once this is established, you can effectively leave this to on side and then concentrate on what you want the mattress to feel like in it’s top layers, also known as the comfort layers.

Being a side sleeper we would always advise not to opt for any model that is too firm in it’s top layers as this can cause pressure point pains in offending places such as knees, hips and shoulders.

We have 2 pocket sprung ranges that we offer; Our Origins range and our Artisan range.

In our Origins range, I would recommend our Origins Comfort 1000 mattress.


 John Ryan By Design Origins Comfort
1750gsm Very Soft Polyester
2500gsm Polyester Pad
3One Inch Foam Insulator Layer
41000 Spun Bond Pocket Springs

This is the softest that we offer in this range and it can be paired with an additional topper if needed. We always recommend to try the mattress for 4-6 weeks before using a topper in order to get a true and accurate feel for the mattress. This mattress can be paired with the Origins Platform Base and a Headboard for a total cost of £760.00 (Assuming that you don’t opt for drawers in the base).

Alternatively, I would recommend our Artisan Luxury


 John Ryan By Design Artisan LuxuryVi-Spring Devonshire
Total GSM4600gsm2600gsm
11200 GSM British Fleece Wool and Cotton 600gsm British Fleece Wool
2Hairproof Cambric Cover1700gsm Devonshire Fleece Wool
31200gsm Pure Horsehair NA
4500gsm Pure WoolNA
51200gsm Pure HorsetailNA
6500gsm Pure Wool300gsm Bonded British Fleece Wool and Cotton
71476 Calico encased Pocket Springs [51mm] [1.42mm] 1326 Calico encased Pocket Springs [54mm] [1.52mm]

in the Artisan range. This mattress is the softest that we offer as it is constructed from 100% natural fibres and materials. It will also be more noticeably softer compared to the Origins model. This could be paired with the Artisan Base and a Headboard for a total cost of £1930.00 (Assuming here that you opt for a Bonnel Coil base). A pocket sprung base can be constructed for an additional £50.00.

A pocket sprung base will always soften down any mattress placed on top of it. The Bonnel Coil unit does a similar thing but is slightly less soft.

Both of these mattresses are fully turnable and as part of maintenance we always advise to flip and rotate our mattresses once a month. This serves to evenly distribute the wear and tear across both sides of the mattress, which in turn increases it’s lifespan.

I hope that this has answered all of your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.