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Martin Lyons asked 1st August 2017

Having just stayed at a Premier inn and thus researched their mattresses I came across your post reviewing and comparing their mattress to your own equivalent. However I found your report to contain so many “unknown” aspects of the Premier mattress as to make your review/comparison virtually worthless. Surely to conduct a balanced and detailed comparison would it not have been a good idea to have acquired a premiere inn mattress and examined it in detail so as to be able to give a much more detailed and balanced comparison? I would certainly consider buying an alternative such as yours if you were able to provide a much more convincing case why yours would be a preferred choice over the Premier/Hypnos version.

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Lee Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Martin,


Thank you for your question.


You’re right to call out the ‘unknown aspects’ of this Premier Inn mattress and we would agree that manufacturers should be more open and transparent about the contents of their mattresses. We lead by example in listing every component, upholstery layer including GSM and spring gauge. We’ve previously written that it can’t be a coincidence that manufacturers don’t want to tell you whats in their mattresses as this is the only way to compare them!

We undertook the review based on the mattress specification detail provided on the mattress by Hypnos themselves. This lists what the mattress is made up of, then armed with this we undertook a full two sided inspection and then 2 nights sleeping on it. Having spent 2 nights on this mattress I can assure you that short of slicing it open there’s not a much more detailed inspection that can be undertaken! We find the accusation of it being ‘virtually worthless’ a tad unfair Martin.

Given our experience with designing mattresses, mattress manufacture methods, fillings, upholstery, components coupled with sleeping on the Premier inn mattress for two nights we believe that this allows us to make a pretty balanced review.

As for providing a convincing case, we believe our detailed approach to mattress construction and customer service stand testament to our high levels of manufacture and value for money. Just look at our Trustpilot reviews and frequent mentions of our customer service. The decision on which manufacturer and mattress to choose is always entirely up to you. We act as a friendly expert guide but not a persuader and would never push a customer one way or another.

As you are aware from our website, our Origins Pocket 1500 with the addition of a topper, is the mattress in our range that has a similar feel to the Premier Inn Mattress.



I hope this assists but if we can provide any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind regards Julie