Sealy Posturepedic 660 spring geltex pillow top mattress from QVC

Wendy Plewa asked 25th September 2017

Hi I am9 stone 9 and husband is 12 stone, we or finally had a sensaform from sleepmasters 10 years ago, totally gone and in skip. Originally bought a Hypnos from Furniture Village explained I\’m allergic to wool and have asthma and sleep on side , and they sold me a mattress with wool, eventually got money back after looking into the Consumer rights act which was a nightmare but back looking for a mattress. I saw one from QVC Sealy Posturepedic 660 spring Geltex pillow top and its £654.00 for a super kingsize, 1 year guarantee from QVC and 4 yrs from Sealy but I questioned the guarantee and Sealy says If there is a problem there will be a surge cost to replace or fix it which I think that is not a guarantee sonot sure now about buy it QVC gives you the 30 day money back etc, I really need to find perfect mattress, husband likes it soft and I like it comfortable as I lie on my back. I don\’t want to buy from a big store after fighting for my money back it has been terrible but fought my corner, please advise on your products or the Sealy one I have just mention. I do like the hybrid style and like a good edging as I lie on my side and don\’t want to feel like I\’m falling off, I sleep right at the end. Many thanks.

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Lee Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Wendy,
Sorry to hear you’ve had such a nightmare with your last two mattresses.
If you’re allergic to wool then obviously you will want to avoid those mattresses at all costs. This rules out our Artisan range, most of which contain wool and the Origins 1500 mattress.
Looking at the Sealy mattress you have seen on QVC we would always provide a caution against a pillow top mattress. You can read all about dreaded pillowtop mattresses here. They tend to cause no end of drama with buyers as they are the first part of the mattress to fail and when they do there’s zero you can do about it. Your mattress is rendered useless and that’s it. They really are a useless mattress construction method. Made to look nice but actually detrimental to the lifespan of your mattress.
The spring count on the Sealy is also at a bare minimum. There’s no stated spring count on that mattress or its specification sheet. However, if you look at the numbers after the model this is usually the spring count. 600 springs in a king size is the bare minimum you can have so we can assume the 660 is the spring count in this one. There are no densities or depths given for the Geltex foam so again it’s near impossible to compare or to advice. You can read more on densities and why they are important with foam here.
If you want a softer foam mattress but with a firm edge support, we would recommend steering away from a solid foam mattress, such as our Hybrid range. You will never get a firm edge support with such a mattress, as the mattress construction method simply does not allow for it. They are all about giving a slow progressive sink.
We would advise you look at our Origins Comfort 1000 mattress, entirely synthetic no wool there. Which will give you a medium to soft feel at your bodyweight. If you want that softer sink top layer, such as a pillow top without the drawback then pairing it up with a Laygel topper would be a good idea. Laygel is less heat retentive than memory foam or other foams. It’s super responsive springs back quickly. This topper is two-sided, removable and turnable so you can rotate and flip it along with your mattress. Giving you a whopping 4 sleep surfaces to rotate through extending the life of your mattress.
You’re right to point out the limited guarantee on QVC and from Sealy. Our love it or return it guarantee is now renowned for its no fuss approach. If you take our advice on one of our mattresses and it’s not quite right you have the option of a one time exchange or we can come collect, at our expense, and refund you no quibble. All we ask is that you protect and look after the mattress before you make youre decision.
Have a look at the Origins Comfort 1000 and the Laygel topper we offer and then maybe give us a ring on 0161 437 4419.
We look forward to hearing from you Wendy.