Side sleeper Origin 1000 or Artisan Naturals

Chris asked 11th September 2017

My husband is 12 stone 7, 5ft 9″ and I am 13 stone, 5ft 7″. We both sleep on our sides and our current mattress, a Sealy posturepaedic (now many years old and used with a memory foam topper) now gives me pain on the pressure points. We prefer pocket spring mattress. Would the Origins 1000 comfort mattress suit us? I have researched mattresses extensively and found your site extremely helpful. I think a medium tension mattress would suit us but I would like a softer feel from the topping. The other mattress I am interested in is the Artisan naturals which is t the top of our price range. I should be grateful for your advice.

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Julie Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Chris,
As you both sleep on your sides, you should not sleep on a mattress that is too firm otherwise, as you are now experiencing, you can develop pressure point pain in shoulders and hips.
Our Origins Comfort 1000 mattress is the softest mattress that we make in the Origins Range but is made with a medium spring tension which is going to give you both the correct support.   Although we say it has the softest comfort layers, it is not a mattress that you will particularly sink into.
The Artisan Naturals has more of a medium comfort layer so not too soft nor too firm and we can alter the spring tension to suit your body weights.   This mattress does have a more superior spring unit as it has calico encased pocket springs and longevity comes into it when choosing a mattress with natural fillings as this comes with a ten year guarantee.
Both of these mattresses are of good quality in their own right.
Please do not hesitate to contact our Office for further help and advice on 0161 945 3757.
Kind regards Julie