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James asked
4th January 2017

My name is James and I a 5ft 11 and weight 12.5 stones. I am looking for a replacement pocket spring mattress. The one I have is an ‘Iron Bed Company’ mattress sold as a ‘medium firm’ mattress. I sleep on my side and am finding my hip hurts after a while where it is in contact with the mattress and wonder if I need either a thick mattress topper or a new mattress that has a deeper comfort layer on top. Could you recommend one of your mattresses please? Thank you.

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Ryan K Staff
answered 2 years ago

Hi James

Thanks for getting in touch. Your question is one that we hear all the time so hopefully, we can help!

Generally speaking when someone is sleeping on their side and they are getting pain in either their hip or shoulder (or sometimes both) it is because the mattress they are using is too firm. This creates pressure points where the body rests against the mattress. It’s ironic that for years people have been told that a firm mattress is a solution for a bad back when in fact sometimes the complete opposite is true!


Artisan Naturals

Take a look at the Origins 1500 as this has soft comfort layers and would be suitable for someone of your height/bodyweight. If the budget allows then our Artisan Naturals model would also be suitable and uses all naturals fibres and a handmade spring unit.

If you would like any further information or guidance please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards