Talalay versus Dunlop firmness

Karen asked 16th August 2017


I have spent a lot of time researching Talalay and Dunlop process for 100% natural latex mattresses and was wondering whether a firmness of for instance 69 kg per square metre Talalay has the same level of firmness and support as 69kg per square metre of Dunlop latex?

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Julie Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Karen,


Thank you for your question.


Talalay  Latex is a lot softer than Dunlop so you would need twice as much Talalay Latex to get the same level of support as Dunlop Latex.


Dunlop is also considered the most robust of the two types giving a slightly firmer feel to it compared to Talalay.


We have attached a link here which explains all about Latex which gives you further information to digest.



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Kind Regards, Julie