Type of mattress for ba back

Paul Vincent asked 16th October 2017

5′ 11” 16 stone and need a decent mattress. You have been recommended by my osteopath. I currently have a tempor memory foam but get too hot so probably looking for a firm pocket sprung. thanks

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Julie Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your question.
We have two ranges of Pocket Sprung Mattresses, our Origins Range which have man made fillings and our Artisan Range which have natural fillings.   However as you are a hot sleeper, you would be better with a mattress that does have natural fillings as you should not overheat on this type of mattress.
In the Artisan Range, if you prefer a firm mattress you would be looking at the Artisan Bespoke as this is the firmest mattress that we make in the upholstery layers.  At your body weight however, I would recommend a medium spring tension as this will give you the correct support.   
With a Pocket Sprung mattress, the springs are there to give you the support and your body needs to move with those springs in order to give you that support.   At your weight and height, I would recommend a medium spring tension which will give you that correct support.
If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to telephone our office on 0161 945 3757.
Kind regards Julie