What’s the Ikea Hesseng mattress like?

Amin asked 12th September 2015

Hi i am looking to buy a new king size divan i have looked at the ikea hesseng firm mattress and get a base with two foot drawers total cost would be around £800 i just wanted to know your thoughts on this and also what alternatives you have the hesseng has around 600 pocket spring which seems low.Your thoughts would be highly appreciated.



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JohnRyanLtd answered 3 years ago

Hi Amin,

Thanks for your question.

The published details in respect of the upholstery are vague particularly in terms of the upholstery layers by way of GSM (grams per square metre).

This lack of detail makes it very difficult to provide a direct comparison to products in our ranges. I would say that in terms of it being pocket springs with a latex layer and offering a medium/firm or firm feel in it’s description i would say the Origins Pocket Latex 1500 or 2000 model would be quite similar.

Your bodyweightThis will feel
Under 10 Stone / 63kgVery Firm
10-12 Stone / 63-76kgFirm to Medium
12-14 Stone / 76-88kgMedium to Firm
14-16 Stone / 88-101kgMedium
16-18 Stone / 101-114kgMedium to Soft
18 Stone / 114kg PlusPlease call for advice


As far as the number of pocket springs are concerned, I would suggest that for a king size there should be at least 1000 in order to provide the appropriate support for 2 people someone of average body weight sleeping side by side.

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Kind regards Gary