Which divan should I buy?

jrgt1988 asked 7th November 2016

Hi there,

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I have spent a lot of time looking through the various mattress options and after a little guidance believe that the Artisan 1500 at medium spring tension will work well.
For my budget, i would struggle to afford a mattress more expensive than this.

In terms of the divan, there seems to be two options: going with the matching Artisan divan, or potentially the Origins divan.
When going for the king size option, there is a difference of £300 between the divans.

I guess what i wanted to know is if there will be a significant difference between the overall feel when using the Artisan divan vs the Origins divan.
As my budget is already relatively stretched, is going for the Artisan divan worth it?

Also, are there any alternatives – for instance going for the Origins divan and adding some sort of soft layer between the mattress and divan?

I noticed a zip and link Artisan base available in your Outlet section. Would a king zip and link base be compatible with with a king mattress?

Thanks for your time!


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Lee Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Jamie,


We are all very well thank you. Thanks for the excellent questions, let’s see if we can help!


The difference between the divans is quite vast as the Artisan sprung edge divans offer a far more advanced progressive feel than the Origins Platform top. This is why there is such a difference in price. It has an entire spring unit it in. Platform top divans offer a firmer support as they are solid and are at the entry level of divan base pricing. Sprung edge divans give a much gentler support.


To help other viewers its probably helpful to explain the basics of mattress bases as well, even more detail can be seen here. There are four main types of mattress base.

  1. Divan bases
  2. Bedsteads
  3. Ottoman storage bases
  4. Electric bases


Divan bases come in either a solid ‘Platform top’ or a sprung base. The sprung base gives a more progressive sinking feeling whereas the platform top is a firmer feel. They can come with a variety of draw and headboard options. Bedsteads are usually a frame that the mattress fits into and can be platform top, slatted or sprung edge. Ottoman bases are nearly always platform top and can be lifted up to uncover storage beneath the mattress and lastly, Electric bed bases have moveable slats which allow a specifics tailored mattress to be moved, raised and adjusted for in-bed reading/tv watching or health reasons.



Slatted based and mattresses: We always advise with our hand-made mattress range that if you’re going to use a slatted base you board over the slats. This is because mattresses can end up forcing themselves through the gaps in slats causing unnecessary settlement and dipping. It’s best to board over them to give them a consistent surface. You can read more on that here!


Going back to the original question though, we have tailored all of our models to the matching bases, so if you were to switch to a platform top divan it would firm up the overall feel of the Artisan 1500. 



Your idea of matching it with an Outlet Zip and Link Artisan Base would be absolutely fine and sounds like a great solution to get around your budget constraints, Jamie. If you need more help in ordering please drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.


I hope this has helped with your questions but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419. We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.


Kind Regards, Lee.