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Annabelle Reid asked 16th October 2017

My husband and are researching for a new mattress for our superking size bed which is a storage base with slats (Beatrice from ‘love your home for less- https://www.love-your-home.co.uk/ottoman-storage-bed-beatrice).

We had an old (15 year standard Pembroke from Alpabeds). My husband liked it but I would have preferred a softer feel. When trying out mattress I’m John Lewis he likes the medium/firm whilst I prefer soft/medium. I find that when staying at others peoples houses they usually have cheap mattress which are too fim for me and I wake with either tingling or aches and feel exhausted.

We have a flexible budget and would consider one of your outlet ones if helps reduce the price because I will have a fight on with my husband to spend over £500. He thinks Ikea mattresses are ok. He calls me the princess and the pea. He hates spending money.

I am 5ft 10 and my weight fluctuates between 11 and 13 stone. My husband is 6ft 3 and currently weighs just under 16 stone. He needs to lose weight but will never weigh less than 12 stone.

My husband insists on sleeping on the left hand side of the bed.

I recently slept on a mattress with a memory foam topper and although I liked the feel i found that it made me so hot and sweaty.

Which mattress would you recommend? We would consider 2 zip lock singles if you think that is best.

Thanking you in advance.

Kind regards

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Julie Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Annabelle,

Thank you for your question.  From what you have explained, and at your budget, I would suggest looking at our Origins Pocket 1500.   This mattress comes with a medium spring tension which is correct for both your body weights and will give you a medium comfort from the upholstery layers but would feel softer for your husband.  The only way to deal with that would be to have a zip & link mattress with 1500 springs on one side and 2000 springs on the other side which would then give you a medium comfort and firmer for your husband.


Origins Pocket 1500


If he finds this too firm, an overall mattress topper (although not a memory foam one) will soften down the feel of the comfort layers, and would also cover the join where the 2 mattresses are zipped together.

I hope this assists but please do not hesitate to contact our office should you require any further information on 0161 250 9753.  Our office hours are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am – 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Kind Regards