Artisan 1500, what flame retardant chemicals are used ?

Jane Fox asked
25th February 2019

I’m allergic to bromine and other flame retardant chemicals. Is your Artisan 1500 mattress treated with any chemicals?

1 Answer
Guy Blundell
answered 3 months ago

Hi Jane Fox

Thanks for your question,

All UK beds must have a fire retardant layer or component, whether it is contained within the foam mix, sprayed on afterwards, mixed via graphite in Latex or a fire retardant cover i.e. wool or synthetic. It’s important that as a consumer you are aware of the regulations around fire retardants.

This is to comply with British regulations (BS 5852: 1982 Part II & BS 7177). Mattresses from other countries may have different compliance levels or in some cases no compliance. It is important when you purchase a mattress you are aware of this.

In the case of mattress covers, they must be compliant with BS 7177 low hazard for domestic use. This is to ensure that the covers of the mattresses are fire resistant to a cigarette or smoulder test.

These are phosphorus and nitrogen.

I hope this helps.