March 2019

Who are John Ryan By Design?

We don't just make amazing mattresses, we obsess about providing you with absolutely every important detail you need to choose your next mattress. We've spent the last 20 years exposing all the hidden secrets, retail tricks and mattress scams to help you avoid buying an unsuitable mattress. Why? Because everyone deserves to find the very best mattress possible for their budget.

We are the mattress geeks

We are Ryan and John. Our paths crossed nearly twenty years ago and we have been the best of friends ever since. John has a long history in the furniture industry and Ryan comes from a business background.

John Ryan was founded on a passion for hand made luxury mattresses and selling them at a realistic price with unbeatable customer service. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been building our knowledge of the industry so we can provide you with a personal service. As members of the Institute of Spring Technology and Guild of Master Craftsmen, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.

About Us
We aim to tell you what the other retailers want to keep secret!

Making the best hand-crafted UK mattresses

The manufacturing industry is understandably pathologically secretive about the contents of a mattress because they are so easy to replicate, and of course, equivalents and comparable models stripped of the associated branding and marketing can be produced by people like us for a more realistic price. The information mattress manufacturers divulge to retailers is as much as they want you, the customer, to know and no more. And that is the sole reason why you are going to find buying a mattress so frustratingly hard.

mattress hand stitching up close

We aim to break this trend and provide you with the resource and questions you should be asking, and all the reasons for doing so. We do not intend to discredit or undermine any manufacturer, product, brand or retailer.  All comments we make are solely our opinions but nevertheless, they will be well informed constructive opinions tirelessly gleaned from people in the industry who have no axe to grind and actually know what they are talking about.

We are passionate about our work and constantly strive to produce and offer the best-made mattress you can get for your money. This does not mean cheap! Our focus is based firmly on quality and supplying only the best built and constructed mattresses available that can be retailed at a fair and acceptable price.

Handmade tufted mattress

We give you honest answers on all things mattresses. Helping you find the right mattress for your individual sleeping needs, budget and requirements. We even have a bed database with hundreds of retail mattresses so you can compare competitor mattresses all side by side from the comfort of home.

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We give you the honest answer to mattress buying

To the point of being unashamed ‘Mattress Nerds’. Mattress manufacturing and all the quirky detail, to us, is fascinating and interesting, and we liken ourselves to ‘train-spotters’ if new products come on the market, we endeavour to find out if they are a credible improvement on what we have already, or if they are simply marketing tricks. If they are the latter, you can rest assured if we can, we will tell you.


We believe that all mattresses should have the core components listed by type and weight of GSM the same way as food ingredients are. This will enable consumers to do adequate and informed comparisons and not base their purchase on dubious marketing spin.

What John Ryan By Design Stands For

We challenge the way that people traditionally buy a bed by making the whole process fuss and risk-free.

We aim to make premium quality goods affordable and accessible to all by being transparent, fair and providing unbeatable value.

Every decision we make in the business is measured against our Goal, Mission and Values. This ensures that we remain focused on what we set out to do. To provide the very best products, at the best price and with the very best service.

1. Reliability: We deliver our promises on time and right first time with high quality and superior performance.

2. Quality: Our success depends on our ability to always provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations.

3. Respect: By delivering and excelling in our values, we will earn and build the respect of our customers.

4. Integrity: We take care and pride in earning our customers trust through the integrity and reliability of the services we provide and the outcomes we deliver.

5. Knowledge: We educate our customers and we educate our people in leading technical knowledge to ensure we maintain our position as a trusted service provider. Which is why we have over 6000 dedicated pages answering questions on beds & mattresses.

6. Innovation: We invest in the development of our people and our products to ensure we are able to offer the most up to date and efficient service to our clients.

Artisan Mattress
All of our beds are hand made here in the UK by a small team of expert craftsmen and women

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  • We are the mattress experts! Ask us anything about any mattress by any manufacturer for honest advice and support.

We are here to help
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