All about zip and links

This article will help explain zip and link mattresses and the variety of uses. A zip and link mattress is essentially two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form one bed or separated to make two individual beds. Whether it be a split tension mattress, a bed for a guest house or spare room zip and links offer flexibility for your sleeping requirements.Artisan Naturals

  1. What is a zip & link bed?
  2. Sizes of zip and link mattresses
  3. Benefits of a zip and link mattress
  4. Bedframes and zip and link mattresses
  5. Will you feel the zippers on a zip and link bed?
  6. Headboards for zip and link beds
  7. Zip & Links for Hotel beds

What is a zip and link Bed?

This is a bed that can be either one big bed or two single beds by means of linking bars on the base and zippers on the mattresses to enable it to be separated when and if you need them to be. They can also be crafted with a different spring tension on each side; great for differently weighted sleepers.

There are three standard sizes of zip and link available

What are the benefits of a ziplink?

Each side of the bed is entirely independent of each other, thereby totally eliminating ‘roll together’. It’s also an ideal solution for users of significant differing body weights one-half can utilise a firm tension spring for example and the other half can be soft tension spring.

Secondly, most stairwells cannot take a full super king size mattress to be delivered. A zip and link makes delivery possible. King size and Super king Zip and Link mattresses are standard sizes and can fit into/onto any standard bed frame  but obviously, cannot be separated. Extra king is a specialist size and only suitable with the appropriate Divan Base.

If using zipped mattresses in a bed frame, you will have to ensure the enclosure is slightly bigger than the intended mattress size. For example, a well built 6′ zipped mattress is about 6′ and 2 inches.

Will zip and links fit on a bedframe?

On a well-built mattress, the side panels will no doubt have additional upholstery that would not be on a cheaper mattress. So, four sides (2 on each mattress) has to be accommodated inside the bed frame along with the slight join where the zippers are. Otherwise, it would have to be crammed in and therefore, buckle or be centrally raised. When buying a bed frame and a good quality mattress always ensure that the enclosure on the frame is slightly bigger than the mattress size.

About king size zip and links

A king size ziplink is the same overall size as a standard kingsize bed. 5’0 x 6’6″. The bed is split into two making each side 2’6″ wide and 6’6″ long. This size of the bed is practical when room size cannot accommodate a super king size bed. If you are looking to buy this type of bed for guest house/B&B use then bear in mind that when separated, a 2’6 wide bed is rather small for the average person.

The Artisan Bespoke 004 is 100% Natural Fibre and makes for the most luxurious zip and link sleep experience

About extra king size zip and links

An extra king ziplink is 6’0 x 6’3″ the same dimensions as two standard singles. It is only the length of the bed that differentiates it from the super king size. Always bear in mind that some retailers describe this size as a Superking which it clearly is not. Always check on the overall size before purchasing. This size of bed is ideal when your available room space is at a premium.

Artisan Tailored Pocket spring 2000 mattress

Extra-king zip and links are 3″ shorter than a Superking meaning they are ideal for smaller rooms

About super king size zip and links

A super king ziplink is 6’0 x 6’6″. This is the standard size of a superking size bed whether it be a ziplink or one piece.

Our most popular zip and link mattress is the Artisan Naturals – Shown here in a one piece



Will you feel the zippers?

No. The zippers are situated on the sides at the top of the mattress and the bottom of the mattress to enable the mattresses to be joined together. They are manufactured so that the zippers are just beneath the seam on the edge of the mattress. When together the seams fold over the zipper. What you will be aware of is the noticeable join of two mattresses butted together. The use of a one piece topper(s) will help to alleviate this as well as providing the additional comfort/protection. Read here about the benefits of mattress toppers on your mattress here.

Remember when selecting your headboards for ziplinks that you will need 2 x singles (or 2 x 2’6 for King zip and link) in order that the beds can be separated without removing. If you go for a one piece headboard then it will have to be removed when you separate the beds. Also be aware of the design, when the beds are together the headboard has to look like one piece, so the sides that butt up together should be verticle no fancy shapes or protrusions (metal headboards).

John Ryan Luxury artisan Mattress

Take care to order two headboards with a zip and link so when you split them they still have a headboard each

Zip and links for hotel or guest houses

Ziplinks are also an ideal solution for hotels and guest houses where the bed can be adapted to suit the guests requirements – either twin beds or one luxurious big bed. I personally think that you do not have to spend a fortune on beds for Guest house or hotel use. It would be better to change the mattresses on a yearly basis than to pay more in order for the mattress to last longer. This not only is a more hygienic option but also can be used as a selling point to your guests.


Zip and links have many benefits enabling split tensions and to split the beds for two separate guests. They really are incredibly flexible!  If using zip and links for a guest house then comfort should, of course, be the main consideration, but also, remember that the beds will be used for seating and resting a lot more than it will in a domestic setting. Therefore, when making your selection look for the durability aspects of the mattress as well as the comfort level. Our Origins 1500 or Origins Reflex mattresses are ideal for guest house situations.

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  • Emma T says:

    Really interesting article thank you! We are just about to open up a new guest house and i’ve been so confused on what bed to buy but i’m now convinced a zip and link is what we need.

    Hi Emma, Glad we are able to help. Zip and links are the perfect choice if you need to regularly split beds or join them. It gives you the ultimate flexibility for this kind of set up. We recommend our Origins Reflex to provide both support and comfort for guest house and hotel mattresses. If you need any further advice please give us a call. Lee

  • Helen says:

    My husband and I need different firmness of bed due to back problems. I see a lot of information about zip and link beds, but when looking to purchase they all seem to be sold by the pair. Is there any company that does ‘mix and match’ zip and link so we can buy one half firmer than the other?

    My husband and I both have back problems. We bought a Rest Assured Bedstead 1400 Ortho about 3 years ago when we first moved in together. For a while it was fine, and my husband still loves it. It didnt stop the back pain for either of us but certainly was better than our previous beds. I started to get to the point where pain was seriously impinging my sleep and this would abate within a short time of getting up. I added a think memory foam topper which helped for a while. I am hyper-mobile throughout my body. I went away for a week and found my back much better, due to increased space and no tossing and turning from himself moving my side of the bed around.
    We are lucky to have a camper van, so currently I am sleeping on our double memory foam roll cheapie mattress from mattressman and he is on the Ortho1500. Its much much better for my upper back, but my lower lumbar/pelvis is starting to have issues.. it feels as if my ample bottom is sinking further than it should so I’m folding upwards into a banana shape, where with the firmer Ortho1500 my upper spine flattens into it when on my back needing osteopathic help to realign it on a regular basis, and on my side my whole body becomes twisted, but it supports my lower back well when lying on my back. (with my condition, my body will mold to whatever position its put into rather too well!).
    We have tried both sleeping on the memory foam but I again slept really bad due to lack of space to stretch and move during the night.
    We are considering practical long term solutions, especially as we’re only a year married!) and think that two singles or a zip and link may suit, especially given the extra width. We dont have a huge budget and would prefer to spend as little as possible, but we’ll find the money somehow if needs be as it affects our quality of life so much.
    I am 5ft 6 and weight around 11stone, my husband is 5ft9 and weights around 15stone.
    Any help or advice very gratefully recieved.

    Hi Helen,

    From the information you have provided, I believe that your current mattress is too firm for your body weight, whilst being just about right for your husband. Considering your different body weights, I would suggest that you take a look at our “Artisan 1500” mattress, which could be provided in a dual tension of soft for you and medium for your husband. Ideally, a sprung edged divan base would be more suited to this mattress, although you could, if your budget doesn’t allow, retain your current bedstead. Please take the time to view the product on our site and for any further queries, contact either Marie or Gary on our office number. I trust that this helps. Kind regards Mike.

  • Dorothy thompson says:

    Where can I view zip and link beds. I live in South East London.

    Many thanks

    Dorothy Thompson

    Hi Dorothy,
    Our mattresses are only available online, however, if you have a Furniture Village nearby, they may have some zip and link mattresses you could try, or Harrods. Once you have tried some, if you want further information regarding our products, please call Gary or Marie on our office number. Regards Mike.

  • Rowena Kerslake says:

    I want to buy a ziplink bed for a second bedroom in a holiday let that we are building. However I wanted a bedstead so that we can clean underneath more easily and also so we don’t have to have a valance sheet to hide the base. Is there such a thing and if not why not?
    Many thanks for you’re useful and informative site.

    Submitted on 2014/08/27 at 12:48

    I posted a question about zip and link beds in July but it hasn’t been answered yet – is there any reason why not? I want to get on with ordering the beds now so could do with an answer if you have one! Many thanks.

    Hi Rowena, Bedsteads are made as standard for use with one piece and zip and link mattresses, but not to split for use as two singles. If this is what you want, you would be best ordering two single bedsteads, which should come 3ft wide and 6ft 3in long, the same size as an extra king size. These could be pushed together for single use, however, there is likely to be a gap where they join. The alternative is to order an extra king size zip and link set, as described later in this response. We do not make bedsteads, however, it is possible to order from us a 6 inch platform top base on wooden legs of up to 8 inches and this would enable you to clean underneath. Our mattresses are between 9 and 11 inches in depth, which would equate to a maximum overall height of 25 inches. For holiday lets we would recommend our Origins Pocket Reflex 1000 mattresses as these are suitable for a wide variety of body weights and can be made in a zip and link for sizes King and upwards. If you have any further queries prior to placing an order, please call our office number and speak with Marie or Gary. Kind regards Mike.

  • Anne Winterburn says:

    This is probably a stupid question but could you tell me if both upper and lower zips should be zipped or just the top zip on a zip and link super king which has different sides depending on the season?

    Hi Anne,
    You only need to zip the upper zip on a zip and link mattress. The lower zip is there for when you turn and rotate the mattresses. Kind regards Mike.

  • Carol -Ann Scott says:

    Do you sell double sized zip and link beds? My room will not accommodate a king size.

    Hi Carol-Ann, It is not possible to make a double mattress in a zip and link. Aside from the space available, is there a specific reason why you need a zip and link? Regards Mike.

  • Katherine says:

    How do I search your beds? I need a zip and link thanks KG

    Hi Katherine, Once on our site go to the Shop and select the required mattress from the drop down list. Regards Mike.

  • Debbie Tapner says:

    Hi, This may sound a stupid question, but if you have to turn the zip and link mattress how do you zip it once turned as I assume the zips are only on one side and not on the underside. Does the mattress need to be zipped once turned and flipped ?

    Hi Debbie, Zip and Link mattresses usually come with a zip on the top of the inside edge and one on the bottom. If you have a single tension across both mattresses, you can flip them and turn them through 180 degrees. If you have different tensions, you are only able to flip head to toe. The mattresses only need the zip that ends up on the upper side to be zipped. I trust that this helps, regards Mike.

  • Mark Weston says:

    It looks like the zips would be under a lot of tension, especially with two heavy people. Do they tear or break?

    Hi Mark, We have never had any issue with the zips tearing or breaking mainly because the correct tension of mattress has been provided to the customer. Regards Mike.

  • RACHEL says:

    Hello there,

    I hope you can help me! I’ve purchased a beautiful hand-made wooden superking bed frame with a slatted base. I got at a fantastic price. But here’s the problem-I live in a small cottage & when I bought the bed frame, I was so excited and my heart ruled my head (well I totally disregarded the implications of trying to get the superking mattress up the stairs). Anyway, after being so dissappointed with not being able to buy the mattress I wanted, I had a little thought about purchasing a zip-link mattress. Would it be suitable to go on a superking slatted bed frame? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Hi Rachel, A zip and link set of mattresses is the best solution to your access problem. All of our mattresses can be placed on a slatted base, however, we would always advise placing a barrier between the mattress and the slats. If the slats are 6-7cm apart, then we would suggest the use of an old duvet, however, it the slats are further apart it is best to use either peg board or thin MDF as the barrier. If you require further advice regarding the purchase of one of our mattresses, please call our office number, kind regards Mike.

  • Amy says:

    Hello chaps,

    I hope you can advise me on which mattress is best. I really want to purchase one but Im a bit confused.

    I am looking for a superking zip and link mattress. Definitely pocket spring as my current memory foam is awful.

    Its for myself and my partner.
    He is 6 foot and weighs 12.5 stone.
    Im 5 foot 6″ and weigh just under 9 stone.

    We tried a couple of mattresses at Feather and Black to see which type we preferred. There is no way we could ever afford their mattresses but thought it was a good idea to check out what sort of ‘feel’ we liked. I am not sure if you are familiar with their tension scoring system, but I was given a set of figures for our preferred mattress and I am now trying to find a similar and hopefully cheaper mattress on your site that match as near as possible the ‘feel’ we liked at F&B.

    I really hope that you can help..

    We liked the Supaking 7000 Spring count at tension 6 which felt soft to medium i think. They range their tensions from 1-9 and at 7000 springs we liked their tension no 6.

    Now I realise that is a way too expensive bed for us and maybe that sort of ‘feel’ of bed tension will always be beyond our price range.

    But I am still hoping and thought it best to ask.. you never know 🙂

    Given the information I provided (and I hope its been useful and translates) are there are similar ‘feel’ beds you can suggest from your site?

    Our budget is £700

    Thanks so much


    budget – 500

    medium to soft/Pocket springs high

    Feather and Black fave beds
    Zip and link supaking 17 000 spring count tension 5 (1 to 9)
    Supaking 7000 Spring count an tension 6

    Hi Amy,
    Firstly, I must advise that I am not familiar with the firmness ratings applied by Feather & Black and would say that these are likely to be specific to their mattresses only and may not be applied to other brands. This makes a comparison difficult to say the least. What I would say is that, given your body weights, a soft to medium feel mattress is likely to suit you both.

    With your budget, it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase a mattress with natural upholstery layers. Our Origins range comprises mattresses with man made fillings, although the Origins Pocket 1500 does have a 300g layer of a Wool/Silk blend and can be purchased in a Superkingsize Ziplink set, currently retailing at £690.00. This mattress would provide you both with a medium feel support with soft comfort layers on top. I trust that this helps, but if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call our office. Kind regards Mike.

  • Steven says:

    We are currently suffering our second pocket sprung bed! I am a largish warm blooded specimen whilst my wife is much lighter and “cool”. The physical benefits of a zip and link are great and I have to admit that the comfort has been excellent. The problem has been overheating for me – almost like lying on a radiator. Both mattresses have been at the lower end of the market so will no doubt have a high mad made element. But what is causing the overheating (other than me!)? What characteristics/construction should we buy to avoid a repeat of our mistakes

    Hi Steven, Sorry to hear your red blooded nature is causing you to over heat! I could really do with knowing what mattress model it is we’re discussing. Ie if theres a foam or memory foam layer it will undoubtedly be warmer as they retain heat. Some synthetic materials are less breathable and more heat retentive than say natural components you see. I always advise to start with your bedding as well. Reduce the tog if possible and then at worst you may need to change your mattress. ‘Heat reduction fabrics’ are not worth the money they cost in my personal opinion. You can’t magic away heat that easily either. If you can get in touch with more info I’ll be happy to focus my advice more. Lee

  • jane says:

    hi , I have purchased a zip and link mattress from , I went into detail on the phone how I need a mattress that want be bouncy and that I needed it for minmal partner disturbance , on asking I was told the base I have would probably be ok , it is a sprung one , on getting my zip and link mattress a can still feel my partner turn over and move ect , this is causing me distress , and keeping me awake at night ,

    Hi Jane,
    The advice you were given was correct and there should be little if any disturbance as a result of your partner moving, particularly with a zip and link set of mattresses. Marie, our office manager will call you shortly to discuss the situation. Regards Mike.

  • Brenda. King says:

    I would like more information . When do you buy them ? And also what is the price range ?

    Hi Brenda,
    All the details of the zip and link mattresses available is detailed within the site and the prices currently range between £530.00 and £950.00 for the Origins range and £845.00 and 2335.00 for our Artisan range. It really does depend upon several factors including body weights, preferred feel and of course, budget. Please note that you can only purchase a zip and link set of mattresses in King size and above.

    All our mattresses are made to order and if you would like further information or advice as which is best suited to you, please call our office. Regards Mike.

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