February 2021

Zip and Link Beds: the ultimate mattress guide

Zip and link mattresses can revolutionise your sleeping options and the variety of bedroom uses. A zip and link bed is essentially two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form one bed, or separated to make two individual mattresses. This article explains why a zip and link mattress could be the perfect sleeping solution to help you and your partner sleep better at night.

Zip and link beds can help expand your mattress possibilities with almost endless mattress customisation. Whether it be a split tension mattress, a bed for a guest house or spare room, zip and link beds offer flexibility for your sleeping requirements. You will probably have already slept on one of these beds in a high-end hotel, maybe without even realising it! Zip and link beds are also a great solution for houses with access issues, meaning larger models can be delivered up tight stairwells.

A zip and link "d link" mattress on a base
Zip & links mean you can have different sleeping tensions and make access for larger mattresses easier in limited spaces

Zip and Link Mattresses Explained

We cover all the detail about zip and link beds, explaining why they may help you find your perfect mattress even if you have tight access or difficulty sleeping.

  1. What is a zip and link bed?
  2. Sizes of zip and link mattresses
  3. Benefits of a zip and link mattress
  4. Bedframes and zip and link mattresses
  5. Will you feel the zippers on a zip and link bed?
  6. How to zip together a mattress?
  7. Headboards for zip and link beds
  8. Zip & Links for Hotel beds

What is a zip and link Bed?

This is a bed that can be either one big bed or two single beds by means of linking bars on the base and zippers on the mattresses, enabling it to be separated when and if you need them to be. They can also be crafted with a different spring tension on each side; great for differently weighted sleepers. They act and look like one mattress, but can accommodate two different sleepers.

A zip and link mattress by John Ryan By design
Zip and Link mattresses allow two different spring tensions to be used on each side. The two mattresses zip together as one.

Zip and link mattress sizes

Here in the UK there are 3 main zip and link bed sizes. However, you can get completely custom sizes made to your requirements if need be.

  • King size ziplink (5’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 2’6″ x 6’6″ beds makes a standard Kingsize.
  • Super king ziplink (6’0 x 6’6) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0 x 6’6″ beds makes a standard Super Kingsize.
  • Extra king ziplink (6’0 x 6’3) – Comprising of 2 x 3’0″ x 6’3″ beds is equivalent to 2 standard single sized beds.

What are the benefits of a zip and link bed?

Each side of the bed is entirely independent of each other, thereby totally eliminating ‘roll together’. It’s also an ideal solution for users of significantly differing body weights. One-half can utilise a firm tension spring, for example, and the other half can be soft tension spring.

Secondly, most stairwells cannot take a full super king size mattress to be delivered. A zip and link bed makes delivery possible. King size and Super King Zip and Link mattresses are standard sizes and can fit into/onto any standard bed frame but, obviously, cannot be separated.

Extra king is a specialist size and only suitable with the appropriate Divan Base.

If using zipped mattresses in a bed frame, you will have to ensure the enclosure is slightly bigger than the intended mattress size. For example, a well built 6′ zipped mattress is about 6′ and 2 inches.

Zip & link beds allow larger mattresses into properties with limited access, as they come in two parts.
Zip & link beds allow larger mattresses into properties with limited access, as they come in two parts.
A zip and link bed enables you to have two different tensions. Great for different weighted sleepers.
A zip and link bed enables you to have two different tensions. Great for different weighted sleepers.

Will zip and link mattresses fit on a bed frame?

On a well-built mattress, the side panels will no doubt have additional upholstery that would not be on a cheaper mattress. So, four sides (2 on each mattress) have to be accommodated inside the bed frame, along with the slight join where the zippers are. Otherwise, it would have to be crammed in and, therefore, buckle or be centrally raised. When buying a bed frame and a good quality mattress always ensure that the enclosure on the frame is slightly bigger than the mattress size.

If you need more advice please get in touch with our team to advise on whether your zip & link mattress will fit your bed frame on 0161 437 4419.

King size zip and link beds

A king size ziplink is the same overall size as a standard kingsize bed. 5’0 x 6’6″. The bed is split into two, making each side 2’6″ wide and 6’6″ long. This size of bed is practical when room size cannot accommodate a super king size bed. If you are looking to buy this type of bed for guest house/B&B use then bear in mind that, when separated, a 2’6 wide bed is rather small for the average person.

The Artisan Bespoke 004 zip together mattress
The Artisan Bespoke 004 is 100% Natural Fibre and makes for the most luxurious zip and link sleep experience

Extra king size zip and link beds

An extra king zip & link is 6’0 x 6’3″ the same dimensions as two standard singles. It is only the length of the bed that differentiates it from the super king size. Always bear in mind that some retailers describe this size as a “Superking” which it clearly is not. Always check on the overall size before purchasing. This size of bed is ideal when your available room space is at a premium.

This is also the best solution if you will be frequently using the bed as two singles, as you can buy both standard single and super king size fitted sheets, which will fit perfectly.

Artisan Tailored Pocket spring 2000 zip and link mattress
Extra-king zip and links are 3″ shorter than a Superking meaning they are ideal for smaller rooms

Super king size zip and link mattresses

A super king zip & link is 6’0 x 6’6″. This is the standard size of a super king-size bed, whether it be a zip link or one-piece mattress. Remember, if using one as two singles then standard fitted flat sheets won’t fit, so you would be better with an Extra King Size model instead.

The Artisan Naturals zip and link mattress
Our most popular zip and link mattress is the Artisan Naturals – Shown here in a one-piece

Will you feel the zips on a zip and link bed?

No. The zippers are situated on the sides at the top of the mattress and the bottom of the mattress to enable the mattresses to be joined together. They are manufactured so that the zippers are just beneath the seam on the edge of the mattress. When together, the seams fold over the zipper. What you will be aware of is the noticeable join of two mattresses butted together. The use of a one-piece topper(s) will help to alleviate this as well as providing additional comfort/protection. Read here about the benefits of mattress toppers on your mattress here.

How to zip together two mattresses

We often get asked by customers how do I zip together my zip and link bed? You only need to zip together the top size of a zip and link mattress. Not both sides. It’s really quite a quick and speedy process. Watch our quick guide below to how to zip the mattresses together.

A zip and link mattress being zipped

When you’re turning your zip and link mattresses over, unzip them. Flip and rotate each mattress and then zip back together the side you’re not going to be sleeping on. Simple!

Two mattresses zip and linked together
You only need to zip together the top zip. Unzip when you need to turn. The zips are recessed so you can’t feel them. Click to view Zip & Links.

Remember, when selecting your headboards for zip links you will need 2 x singles (or 2 x 2’6 for King zip and link) in order that the beds can be separated without removing the headboard. If you go for a one-piece headboard then it will have to be removed when you separate the beds. Also be aware of the design. When the beds are together the headboard has to look like one piece, so the sides that butt up together should be vertical; no fancy shapes or protrusions (metal headboards).

John Ryan Luxury artisan zip and link mattress
Take care to order two headboards with a zip and link so when you split them they still have a headboard each

The best headboard styles for a zip and link bed are:

  • Bella
  • Georgia
  • Laura

This is because the design works well independently when the beds are split and also put back together.

Zip and link Beds for Hotels or Guest Houses

Zip links are also an ideal solution for hotels and guest houses, especially the Extra Kingsize as the beds can be adapted to suit the guests’ requirements – either twin beds or one luxurious big bed. I personally think that you do not have to spend a fortune on beds for Guesthouse or hotel use. It would be better to change the mattresses on a yearly basis than to pay more in order for the mattress to last longer. This is not only a more hygienic option but also can be used as a selling point to your guests.


Zip and link beds have many benefits, enabling split tensions and to split the mattresses for two separate guests. They really are incredibly flexible!  If you’re using zip and links for a guest house or spare room, then our Origins 1500 or Origins Reflex mattresses are ideal for spare room beds, as they suit a wide range of sleepers.

If you’re looking for the absolute best then our Artisan Naturals or Artisan Sublime in a Zip and link will give you the most luxurious night’s sleep with tailored individual spring tensions.

Zip and link mattresses are also a wise choice if you have access issues in your house. This is especially true in new build houses or old period properties. As they come in two parts, they make delivery super easy. If you’re dealing with two different body weights they also allow each sleeper to have the perfect mattress, rather than compromise.

If you need advice why not give our small expert team a call on 0161 437 4419 or drop us a message below.

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