October 2021

John Ryan By Design Clearance Mattresses & Discount Grades

If you're looking for a discounted mattress then our mattress clearance is a great place to start. A number of these mattresses have not even been slept on but have been returned due to a failed delivery if the bed hasn't been able to fit into the property. You can grab a saving of up to 40% on a new mattress! If you're looking for a discounted mattress then this article will explain how you can save considerably!

Updated 2021: We are often asked ‘Do you have any returned or discounted beds?’ and you probably know from our site that we don’t believe in sales tactics or have fake sales like other retailers detailed here. We do however fully believe in allowing customers to buy returned mattresses, similarly to customers buying show models from furniture stores at a discount. Visit our mattress outlet to see our mattress clearance site where you can save up to 40% off the RRP of our handmade mattresses. No hidden costs or fake prices!

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Our Mattress Clearance has up to 50% off hand made mattresses and bases

Our clearance reduced mattresses are in the clearance for only two reasons:

1. Returned under the 60 Day Love it or Return it

2. Cosmetic damage in transit or failed delivery

Returned under the 60 day guarantee

Our customers take great care of our products and we are delighted that most are returned in pristine condition. These products will never be more than 60 days old (much less than a showroom model, in fact usually only a few days old!) In short we would like to reassure you that any mattress we offer as a clearance item will have been at a customer for less than 60 days and returned due to personal preference only.

Artisan Sublime Bamboo & Flax Natural Mattress with throw

Damaged In Transit

Occasionally and disappointingly our mattresses or bases are damaged in transit during the return to our warehouse and this can result in anything from a slight mark or tear to more serious damage.  Any damage or marks will be cosmetic and will not affect the integrity of the mattress, in fact it is still covered by its usual guarantee.

The severity and frequency of any such marks will dictate the amount of discount that we offer. We don’t have a stock list as we would like people to choose the bed that is right for their use rather than the bed with the biggest discount as we have always thought that the method of choosing a bed is massively flawed and only ever of any real benefit to retailers and not customers.

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Our team will be able to guide you to the right product for you and your budget. We grade the products in our warehouse and the grading is decided based on the condition of the product upon return. Most mattresses are Grade B or C. At this stage we cannot give you the history of each product or the very specifics of where any marks may be located so if this is important for you to know then a clearance bed may not be for you and you can choose your mattress in the normal way.

We do however guarantee that the condition will be no worse than described below and in most cases is actually better!

This differs from retail reduction where the price can be inflated first before a big price slash, this is an honest sale of a returned mattress.

Discount Mattress Grading Explained

Unlike other retailers that list discounts based on false starting prices, we keep our pricing structure super clear.

B20%Will have been used by a customer and returned under the 60 night love it or return it guarantee, it may have a few marks from transit and courier handling.
C40%Will have been used by a customer and returned under the 60 night love it or return it guarantee, it will have quite a few marks and could even have a small tear, nothing detrimental to the life or use of the mattress.

Is the clearance bed still covered by our love it or return it guarantee?

Absolutely! As always there is no confusing small print.

If you buy a clearance bed and decide that you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund or exchange it for a different mattress subject to a £150 return fee for clearance models.

If you decide to exchange your bed / Mattress you will have to pay the difference between the clearance bed and the full price bed of your choice.

Your bed will still be covered by guarantee against defective workmanship or materials, it will not be covered for the damage or marks we point out at the point of sale. In fairness though we would never sell a mattress that would be deemed to be defective, only marked in a cosmetic way. Defective products are returned to our manufacturers and not listed on the clearance outlet.

Please contact us directly if you’re interested in a clearance mattress from our collection.

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