Understanding our guarantee

A new mattress will be a shock to the system and just like a new pair of shoes will require a short period of time in order for you to get used to it. This is one particular reason why it seems so implausible trying a mattress in-store – paying top dollar for the privilege but with little or no recourse of return should it turn out to be unsuitable.

Our  60 day “Love It or Return It”  guarantee has been in place since day one. This guarantee represents the foundation of our business, the confidence we have in our products and indeed our reputation.

Ryan and I thoroughly understand and appreciate the faith and trust you place in us for purchasing a mattress sight unseen. And, as our top end mattresses can cost in excess of a couple of thousand pounds it really is no small leap of faith. In over 13 years of online trading, we can assure you that not one person who had cause to use this guarantee has been let down.

Model Guarantees

Origins Comfort 2 Years
Origins Reflex 2 Years
Origins Pocket 1500 3 Years
Origins Pocket Latex 7 Years

Artisan 1500 5 Years
Artisan Tailored Pocket 7 Years
Artisan Naturals 10 Years
Artisan Bespoke 004 10 Years
Artisan Luxury 10 Years
Artisan Bespoke 10 Years
Artisan Bespoke 002 10 Years

Hybrid 4 5 Years
Hybrid 5 5 Years

Fusion 3 7 Years
Fusion 4 7 Years
Fusion 5 7 Years
Fusion 6 7 Years

Resilience 1 3 Years
Resilience 2 3 Years

Natural Cot Mattress 5 Years

Mattress Toppers 2 years

Bases & Headboards – Come with a standard 12 month guarantee period.

August 2010: We are now extremely proud to have been accepted as an associate member by The Furniture Ombudsman. Their board includes the most knowledgeable people in the furniture industry including  Trading Standards departments and FIRA.


All members have to abide by an extensive  Customer Service  Charter and in addition to this, we personally include the following safeguards for your entire peace of mind.

1. Our personal guarantee is as simple as Love it or Return It. No matter how much a bargain it is – it’s useless if it does not meet your expectations or your needs.

2. If within 60 days you are not entirely happy with the product then call us and we will arrange to have it collected and refund you in full: We understand that the mattress will be out of the original packaging (we will send you new packaging) and that it will be used and so forth. It does not matter. Although, in obvious fairness, it must not be damaged, marked or soiled. We do insist upon the use of a mattress protector during this period.

Once the product has been collected by the courier and returned to us for secondary inspection you will receive your refund:
Please note that from collection to refund can take up to a maximum of thirty days.

3. We aim for our customer service and customer care to be the absolute best and you will always have direct contact with us if you need something sorted out.
Ryan and I treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated by any retailer. If something goes wrong then it is only right and proper that amends are made quickly and with diligence. We love our work and thoroughly enjoy what we do for a living. We do not have to lie or cheat to make a sale. Our reputation for being honest, reputable and trustworthy retailers is worth more to us than a few quid or the cost of a returned mattress.

What happens to returned mattresses?

We really do not have that many returns. All returns are utilised by friends, family, previous customers of bed and breakfast establishments and so forth. We are not short of willing recipients. We also have an outlet site (John Ryan Outlet) where we sell returned mattresses with discounts ranging from 10% to 50% dependent upon condition. Click here to go directly to our Outlet Range.

Who are you dealing with?

You are dealing with us John Ryan By Design Ltd. Independent retailers who have been trading ethically and successfully on the Internet since 2005. Prior to that, we have an additional seven years in the home furnishings industry. We know our stuff!

We also work harder to provide a faultless customer service as well as to produce the best mattresses your money can buy. Our referral record is excellent and we hope you will be recommending us to your family and friends. Our prices may be low but this only reflects the low mark up on the beds, definitely not the quality. We also have time to speak to our customers direct and urge you to phone us on 0161 945 3757 if you have any questions about any of the products on this site or you can use our Live chat option. It’s that little chat with us box in the bottom right!

Our product guarantee

We have all our mattresses built to our precise specifications and therefore we can personally guarantee each model for a period of time. Each model carries the guarantee timescale at the bottom of the individual listing. This is described as ‘Full Repair or Replace’.

What does this mean?

If your mattress fails within the specified guarantee period then we will either repair or replace the faulty component. We will not list all eventualities here but we do work on common sense and fair practice. We have been in this business long enough to know what is and what is not acceptable and also long enough to recognise the failures of other companies who offer guarantees and warranties that are not worth the paper they are written on.

The factories that produce our mattresses do so in the knowledge that any product complaint will be investigated thoroughly and with diligence. It is also understood that they will bear the expense of correcting faulty workmanship or component. There should be no need to involve third parties (eg Ecomaster) to determine if something is wrong.

What if you believe something is wrong?

If we guarantee a mattress for five years for example, then that mattress should still be usable showing normal signs of five years wear and tear. However, the springs should not be poking you in your back and there should be no complete collapse of components. If you have cause for complaint then all you have to do is to phone us.

What is not covered?


Wear and tear of fabric is not covered. However, we will use our discretion to see if any valid complaint is justified.

Willful damage and neglect

Your mattress should be looked after and cared for. A mattress protector should be used at the very least. We will not entertain any claim if the mattress shows obvious signs of neglect.
Please read this post on mattress care (honestly, it’s really interesting)

The bottom line

Ryan and I are absolutely passionate about our work. We take comment and complaint very seriously and in doing so we are able to constantly upgrade products and our service to ensure we maintain our zero Complaint policy. Our reputation for trust and reliability has been time served, hard-earned and has become one of our most valued assets.

There really is no need to go into legalese depth of when a complaint is justified [or not]. As a customer or potential customer of ours, you are assured that we will do all we can to retain you. The internet is slowly changing the way we shop for mattresses and in order to be the best we can, we have to be seen to be better than our competitors.


We actively court feedback. Particularly about how our products have fared. If you have found our site, information and service of value please take the time to leave some feedback through Trustpilot.

Thank you.
John and Ryan.