Best king size for heavy and hot lady !!

Cindy Chapleo asked 20th October 2017

Looking at a new bed to replace old and cheap current one ! Budget of around £1000. Considering a Premier Inn Hypnos when saw your great and honest blog!
I am a restless sleeper, get hot and am heavy. Husband sleeps like a log anywhere so no problem!
Any advice?? Do you deliver to Scotland ( 30 mins from Edinburgh)

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 8 months ago

Good Morning Cindy, 
Thank you for your question. 
Anyone who identifies as a ‘hot’ sleeper would be best looking towards the Artisan range; This is a range of traditional pocket sprung mattresses constructed from natural fibres and materials. The inclusion of these materials mean that they provide a very cool sleeping surface. 
The Premier Inn Hypnos mattress compares with our own Origins Pocket 1500 mattress; This model is the true medium feeling in it’s range (You will sink in to the top layer a little bit but not too much).
We would need to know some information regarding how you prefer the upholstery to feel and we’d need a more accurate definition of ‘heavy’ in order to discuss suitability. One person’s heavy isn’t another persons. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 945 3757 to discuss this further. 
Kind Regards, Lee.