Best mattress for 2 varying weights

Tony asked 25th September 2017

Looking for advice on which mattress or combination of mattresses would best suit myself and my partner. My partner is about 10 stone and prefers a softer to middle firmness mattress I am heavier being approx 23 stone
My mattress preference usually means it’s too firm for the wife.
We need a super king size or a mattress we can have different firmnesses on.

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Lee Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Tony,
Thanks for getting in touch. Usually we would advise a split tension mattress for two different weighted sleepers. However, that will only meet the needs to different weights if there is not too much variance between the two. With a 13 stone variance, we’re afraid that a split tension wouldn’t be suitable.
You could go for a zip and link in a soft and firm tension, but even the firm tension spring gauge at your weight would not be suitable. You would need a 1.9 extra firm gauge spring which is a completely bespoke mattress offering and not a standard offering.
Unfortunately, at the weight difference you have specified the only way to get a suitable mattress without a bespoke hand made model would be for each sleeper would be two separate mattresses. That is without a significant compromise between the feels you will both want. Our pocket sprung mattresses are only suitable for a max weight of 18-20 stone. For this reason, we have created the Resilience mattress range for the heavier sleeper. 
Please have a look at the Resilience 1 which has a softer top layer. This would be great for you but not so much for your partner at 10 stone I’m afraid. It may be best to try and find two single mattresses at a similar height which would meet both your needs.
It may be best to give us a call on 0161 945 3757 for some more tailored advice on the extra firm spring gauge model and costs for you Tony.
I’m sorry we can’t give you a more exact answer at this stage!
All the best.