Hand side stiching

James P asked
30th July 2011

I’m wondering what hand side stitching is and how you can tell if it is genuine? To clarify I’ve seen it referred to sometimes as ‘using side stitching’ and sometimes ‘hand side stitching’ then even ‘machine stitching’.

I’m referring to the mattress retailers wording, not their construction. I have no idea what their construction methods are at all or what the best mattress type for me is!

Sorry to keep banging on about this!

I’m really confused as to what hand side stitching does and if it is really that important?

Help John Ryan!

1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 11 years ago

Hi James.

Your previous post is quite explanatory.

I would be quite taken aback if any of their models were machine stitched, particularly their Performance Collection Range.

So I am assuming they do mean hand side stitched rather than machine side stitched but It is a question worth asking just to be sure.

John and Ryan