Does a higher number of pocket springs mean higher quality?

LalulintasWilliam Grahame Campbell asked
9th September 2016

Does the higher the number of pockets mean a better mattress. Does a higher number eg 3000 mean a higher quality?

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Lee Staff
answered 6 years ago

Hi LalulintasWilliam Grahame Campbell,

This is a very good question and we have written about this numerous times on our site. The basics of pocket springs in a mattress can be read here and which discounts spring counts higher than about 2000 as pointless and also a really detailed discussion over pocket springs here.

Once you get to around 2000 springs in a kingsize mattress, the only way to fit more in is to make them smaller. The smaller the spring the less stable they can become, it also means you’re putting more wire into the mattress at the sacrifice of the upholstery layers, as there is only so much you can fit in a mattress.

So the answer is that spring count bears no real resemblance to quality. As long at you’re looking at a 1000 minimum spring count in a king size, it is more important what type of springs you are considering. This is where the quality is. Vanadium coated calico pocket springs are the highest quality as used in our Artisan range (Artisan Naturals and above) and the cheapest worst type of spring is a cage sprung mattress. We discuss why cage sprung mattresses are awful here.

Maybe have a read of those articles and then get back in touch with us for a further recommendation.

Kind regards