Questions on Signature 2000 mattress

Julia asked
31st May 2014

I was considering purchasing this origins pocket 1500/2000 mattress as the best I can get for my budget. Would love a mattress from the artisan range but really can’t stretch that far. However, being curious, and armed with my new knowledge of good value beds (thanks to your website!) I had a bit of a browse and found this: Signature 2000 platinum pocket sprung mattress They claim “all natural materials”, specifically listing wool and silk , hand tufting and hand side stitching, and 2000 pocket springs. British manufacturer. King Size currently costs £257 or thereabouts with a sale discount and they quote an RRP of £429. Can this be genuine?

My concern is that for that price the manufacturer must have cut back on some aspect of the design – perhaps the way the different layers are arranged is suboptimal. Or maybe it just has insufficient upholstery. I’m very tempted, but also rather suspicious!

Can you investigate please?


1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 8 years ago

Hi Julia,

As you have alluded for that price there is no way that the fillings are 100% natural. I’d hazard a guess they are not even 5% natural or they would state it! They will be a blend of some form with white synthetic materials in my experience. You’re right to exercise caution and do some digging though!

Our Origins Pocket 1500 contains 300 GSM wool as its primary comfort layer, so you would need to find out the exact blend and GSM of the ‘natural fillings’ your find states! Our Origins pocket 1500 is 28cm deep which indicates 3cm extra of fillings compared to the 25cm depth of the bed you have found. It’s rare that you find a real must-have bargain when it comes to mattresses, you really do get what you pay for, providing you know what that is!!

If you can find out the specifics Julia we will happily provide more information, at this stage though I wouldn’t even compare the two as like for like!

– Lee