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Our mission is to supply high end mattresses at realistic prices by selling direct to you, the consumer. For decades, we’ve been building our knowledge of the mattress industry (geek alert!) so we can provide you with unbeatable products. We are members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and our manufacturers are National Bed Federation approved.
Service is at the heart of our bed business. Mattresses are fascinating to us and we want you to feel that passion in every part of what we do. We love to hear from to you, our friendly team are always on hand for a chat. We also have a range of online tools that enable you to conduct your own research about the bed industry as a whole, and how to select your perfect mattress.

The Origins Range

FROM £430
Our Origins range represents our starter models and provides the minimum standard you should expect from any of our Luxury Mattresses. These have been specifically designed to achieve the best mattresses you can get within this price range.

The Artisan Range

FROM £565
Our most popular Artisan range of Luxury Pocket Sprung Natural Fibre mattresses are as bespoke as you can get. All mattresses within this range can be tailored precisely to your needs by altering the spring tensions across the entire mattress, or by combining two different spring tensions (such as medium in one half and firm in the other).

The Legacy

FROM £3950
Bigger, more beautiful, more comfortable. The Legacy contains the finest natural materials, from British Alpaca fibres to Yorkshire Swaledale wool and Organic Flax, designed to provide the perfect sleeping environment. Experience pure, unadulterated comfort.

A truly personal service.


Every mattress is handcrafted here in the UK. the traditional way.
As members of the Institute of Spring Technology and Guild of Master Craftsmen, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.


Have you ever thought about buying a mattress but found yourself scratching your head at the kind of information that’s available? There’s a reason for that. The mattress industry is incredibly tight-lipped about the contents of a product because they are easy to replicate. Mattress manufacturers give as much information as they want a customer to know. That’s not how we operate.

At John Ryan By Design we focus on selling high-quality mattresses and providing an honest service. We want you to understand every aspect of a mattress, including size, spring tension, build quality, material and the number of springs in the product. No detail is too small or irrelevant for us because seeing the whole picture will help you make an informed decision.


John Ryan was founded on a passion for luxury mattresses and selling them at a realistic price. For thirteen years, we’ve been building our knowledge of the industry so we can provide you with a personal service. As members of the Institute of Spring Technology and Guild of Master Craftsmen, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field.


Service is at the heart of our business, from the way our mattresses are built, to how we deal with customers. Mattresses are fascinating to us and we want you to feel that passion in every part of what we do. All of our mattresses are built to the highest quality, as cost-effective as they are comfortable.

We care about quality and that’s where our 100% Money Back Guarantee comes in. If you’ve bought a mattress from us and you aren’t satisfied with it within 60 days then we’ll come and collect it free of charge. You’ll also be refunded in full and we’ll make sure you find a mattress that suits your preferences. Our guarantee is as good as our word. Sales spiel or making quick money has no appeal to us.


Our mattresses are extensive and they are split into the following categories:

ORIGINS – Our best value luxury mattresses

ARTISANHand Made Natural Fibre mattresses that are tailored to your specifications.

LATEX & HYBRID FOAM – Luxury mattresses crafted from high-grade Natural Latex and Foam materials

The most popular pocket spring mattresses in our Origins range thats provide plenty of support is the Origins Pocket 1500. It that balances comfort and practicality together. It comes with a three year guarantee and is great value for money.

Our Artisan range is perfect for anyone who wants a tailor made luxury mattress. The Artisans Natural is made of 85% natural fibres and comes with Vanadium coated Calico encased pocket springs for extra support. There’s also the Artisan Bespoke 003 that contains layers of Alpaca, Wool, Bamboo, Coir and Horsetail. This product has a fifteen year guarantee, providing the ultimate long-lasting experience.

If you have any questions about our mattresses then please get in touch with us on 0161 413 2982. Every decision we make is based on making sure you have a good night’s sleep.


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is an essential part of our business. This works on the understanding that we’ll come and collect your mattress if you aren’t satisfied with it after a 60 day period. We’ll do this free of charge and provide a full refund as well.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our mattresses then GET IN TOUCH ON 0161 413 2982.

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