Recommendation for a 22 cm deep mattress for a study bed?

anne asked
22nd June 2016

I’m getting a StudyBed next week, a small double and need a mattress.
I’m 5 ft 7 woman and weigh 10 to 11 stone. I’m used to have a Jensen bed but my partner and I are light sleepers so, for the last seven years or so, I’ve been sleeping on the sofa, taking the Jensen topper with me.
I’ve bought Hypnia memory foam mattresses for my parents and my partner (who ended up preferring the firmness to the Jensen) but I like to turn and sleep on my stomach. I still find the Hypnia memory foam mattress still can cause me to wake up during the night from a sore hip or shoulder, though for just £160 it’s amazing value.
When I go on holiday I take a photo of the mattress if I’m impressed. I loved the Sealy Beautyrest mattress at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, and the Mybed (so boutique) mattresses at the Sofitel chain. I also loved the Swiss Schwob bed.
However, the Studybed will only accommodate a 22 cm deep mattress. With the StudyBed costing around £2500, I think it’s worthwhile – at the age of 48 – to invest in a decent mattress for myself.
Please advise.
Thank you

1 Answer
answered 6 years ago

Hi Anne,

The main restriction you have is the depth and this means that you will need to look at Latex mattresses as most pocket sprung upholstered mattresses can tend to be deeper. Because you are a front sleeper, you may need a slightly firmer feel. We have two mattresses that may suit in terms of depth, however, with your body weight, each has a slightly different feel.


John Ryan Fusion 6 Mattress

The two mattresses in our range are the Fusion 5 and the Fusion 6, the 5 will provide a medium feel and the 6 is more of a firm feel. These products are similar in feel only to the Dunlopillo Diamond and the Dunlopillo Firmrest respectively, and you may wish to find a stockist where you can try these to get some idea of whether you find them comfortable or not. If you would like further advice or guidance regarding the two mattresses in our range, please call our office on 0161 437 4419. Our office hours are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am – 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.


Kind Regards