Advice relating to the Vi Spring Chiswick Mattress

john toole asked
25th September 2019

Hi looking at vi spring chiswick which spec seems similar to elite but with less wool in comfort layer total 1900gsm , as using a topper anyway would this seem enough packing also looking at hypnos natural range for about same budget or could you advise one off your range as similar. Great site been a real help .Many thanks John

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answered 8 months ago

Hi John,
Thank you for your question.
The Vi Spring Chiswick mattress contains 1210 calico encased pocket springs together with 1900gsm of blended British wool/cotton and is 21cm deep.   If a standard height of 6 inch calico springs are used, it leaves very little upholstery on either side. 
The Vi Spring Chiswick mattress would appear to have very soft fillings and if it is a soft mattress that you require, our Artisan Luxury is the softest mattress that we produce.  This mattress contains 4600gsm of natural fillings being 1200gsm British Wool, 1200gsm Horsehair, 1200gsm horsehair pad and 1000gsm white cashmere. This mattress retails at £1805.00 for a kingsize.

Our Artisan 1500 which is our entry model contains 4300gsm of upholstery and is 27cm deep.   This mattress would give an overall medium comfort from the upholstery layers and can be made with a spring tension to suit your body weights and retails at £1005.00 for a kingsize mattress.

As the support comes from the springs and the comfort comes from the upholstery layers, we always ask for body weights, heights and preferred feel.  Once we have this information we are then able to recommend the correct product for you.   
Calico soft mattress spring
It may of benefit for you to have a chat with our small friendly team who will be able to gather further information from you and then will be able to recommend a suitable mattress for you.  Please call our office on 0161 437 4419.
Kind regards Julie