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Tom asked
17th August 2016

Hi, You have a great website full of good advice. We are looking for a replacement king size mattress and looking for a pocket spring solution. Our weights are 8-9 / 5’3″ and 12-13 stone and 5’11” . We have a wooden slatted bed. I believe we are looking for a firmer option and don`t want it too soft. My lighter wife wants a firm bed but reading our website maybe a medium feel would suit. We have a memory foam mattress currently (I think it`s a Cotswold foam memory mattress its 5 years old now) and find this hot/soft/lumpy and like sleeping in a crevasse now.
I looked at your Origins pocket 1500 , Artisan 1500, Artisan tailored pocket 2000 and Artisan Naturals (should I look at others). I clearly understand the explanation of the quality of the materials used and that they would alter the product price. However, I don`t really understand when I am sleeping on the above said products what difference we will essentially feel. Will I sleep on an Artisan Naturals and say wow this is better than the Origins pocket 1500 and I`m glad I paid the extra. If I do say this, then why what will be the likely reasons for me saying this? What will I feel from the extra quality materials and cost? Why will my sleeping experience be so enhanced between the above beds when clearly they are all manufactured to a high standard.
Base on the limited info above what would you recommend?
Really appreciate your thoughts and insight in this.

1 Answer
answered 4 years ago

Hi Tom,

From the information you have provided I would concur that a medium feel or spring tension would be most appropriate.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm
Available in Bespoke Products (Please Call)Soft

The reference to feel and spring tension relates to our two ranges, the Origins (synthetic upholstery) for feel and Artisans (natural upholstery) for spring tension.

Whilst the Origins Pocket 1500 will provide an overall medium feel, the synthetic upholstery is not likely to last as long as the natural upholstery in the Artisan models and as such, that is why the Origins Pocket 1500 has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty whereas the Artisan range has from 7 to 10 years dependent upon the model.

We do expect all our products to outlast the warranty provided that they are cared for in the correct fashion.

In addition, the Origins Pocket 1500 only has the set upholstery which cannot be varied, whereas dependent upon the model selected from the Artisan range, the upholstery is set to provide the right level of comfort required.

The other main difference between the two ranges is the materials used with natural fibres attracting a premium in terms of price.

If you require a quality product that will last in excess of ten years then the Artisan range is where you should look, however, if you have a limited budget and want quality for your money, the Origins range may be appropriate.

I cannot give you a cast iron guarantee that you will find the Artisan models more comfortable than the Origins as this is very subjective and is reliant upon personal preference, which cannot be legislated for.

I trust that this helps, but I would suggest that you call our office for more specific advice regarding suitability of your eventual selection.

Kind Regards Gary