Can I fix a broken divan?

Sarah asked 22nd July 2010

i bought a divan 2 years ago and the supposed board has completely collapsed in on my side and my husbands and the 1 softwood slat inteded to hold my sleeping body weight has collapsed too.

really am not supprised when considering it was only held on by balance on a 1 cm frame.

i paid 225 which was the most i could afford for a bed that i was told was good quality .

it has aggrivated my bad pelvis and i am in pain everyday.

now i have orderd a lovely faux leather bedstead with memory foam mattress so am hoping to have better luck this time round.

but i agree divans suck and people shouldnt let those sales men in the shop talk you into buying one.

do you know what if anything i can do about the divan if the bed falling apart like this is coverd in the terms when you purchase it

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Lee Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear you’re struggling with a broken divan base. From your description, it sounds like one of the cheap mass produced divans that are commonplace in the bed market. Using one slat to support the middle, some thin boarding and supports. The most minimal of construction methods.

We can’t advise on what the terms are without knowing where you purchased it from I’m afraid! All of our products are covered by our 60 Day Love it or Return it guarantee and our product guarantee, more details can be seen here. Maybe ask the seller for their terms, though a 2-year-old base is probably out of its warranty by that stage.

Minor repairs can be under taken to a platform top divan by turning it upside down, removing the stitchbond base fabric and then exposing the internal frame. However, in your case with major repairs for fixing it, you would need to completely take the divan base apart. This would be such a large job especially having to remove parts of the upholstery, it’s simply not feasible for most people.

For people looking at bed bases, we have an extensive article here which gives you all you need to know about mattress bases. This should help advise you before you go buying a new base on what the options are and what to look for. This should hopefully stop anyone in the future from ending up with a poorly constructed mattress base.

We wish you all the best with your new mattress.

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Kind Regards Gary