Different bodyweights so which mattress?

Hi L asked
27th March 2013

Hi I am after a kingsize bed and topper I weigh 15stone and my wife is 8 stone. I have a budget of £1400 – £1600. What do you recommend?
Les .

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Lee Staff
answered 3 years ago

Hi Les,
Thanks for getting in touch. Many people ask this very question!
Spring tensions, such as soft, medium and firm, are dictated primarily by your bodyweight. The springs are manufactured with a weight tolerance in mind. This is where most people get confused as they think of soft, medium and firm as the feel of the mattress. However, these feels are provided by the comfort layer.
So the first thing to do is look at your weight to identify which spring tension you need. The handy table below should help.

Artisan Spring TensionWeight Range
SoftAvailable as a Bespoke Product (Please Call)
MediumUpto 16 stone / 101kg
FirmOver 16 stone / 101kg

The next thing is to work out what ‘feel’ you want in the mattress, based on the materials and comfort layers. This is where our handy advisors come in. They can help guide you based on the feel you want and your budget. Usually the softer and higher loft the material the softer the comfort layer. There are, however, many exceptions to this rule so it’s always best to have a chat with us to help in your specific instance.
You can also see the comparison tables in the products in our shop. That compares each model to the next model up or down in terms of firmness.
We also have two handy guides, one which compares our mattresses to Vi-springs product range and the second to Tempurs memory foam range. This should help you see which of our products you may want to look at first.
1. Vispring comparisons
2. Tempur Comparisons
Two different mattress tensions explained: Lastly we can offer split tensions and duel tension mattresses. These are when half the mattress is in one tension, say a soft spring for an 8 stone sleeper and the other side a medium spring for a 13 stone sleeper. A duel tension is a one piece mattress such as a kingsize in two different tensions.  A split tension is in a zip and link mattress which is two standalone mattresses that are zipped together to form one complete mattress.
The combinations are as follows in a duel tension:

  • Soft / Medium
  • Medium / Firm

In a zip and link you have the following spring tension combinations:

  • Soft / Medium
  • Medium / Firm
  • Soft / Firm

If you have any other question please get back in touch or live chat with us on our site.
All the best
John & Ryan