Ikea Morgedal firm mattress too firm!

Adam asked
5th September 2017

I recently purchased a double wall bed and an Ikea Morgedal firm mattress (a plain foam mattress) to go with it. I purchased the mattress based on the good ‘Which?’ mattress review and also because it seemed comfy in the shop. I have now sleep on it for a week and am struggling because the mattress feels too firm. I feel like I am lying on top of it rather than sinking in – it’s a bit like sleeping on the floor, to be honest. Anyway, I was hoping you might be able to suggest a solution to help me get a better nights sleep? I was thinking of either a replacement mattress or perhaps a topper.
My old mattress was a pocket sprung one with a latex top layer (attached – not a separate topper). I quite liked it as it felt like I sunk into it nicely. I don’t know whether it was really appropriate for me, however, it was comfy and I got a good nights sleep without any backache. I would describe it as a medium.
I am 6ft 2 and weigh approx. 15 stone. I sleep on my stomach all the time. My new wall bed will take a mattress up to about 25cm deep. My Ikea Morgedal mattress is about 18cm deep.
I have looked at your fusion range of mattresses but don’t know whether they would be appropriate for me, or which of the range would be best. I was also considering your latex mattress topper to go on to of my existing Ikea Morgedal mattress, however again do not know whether this is appropriate.
Any help of pointers you could give me would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

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answered 5 years ago

Hi Adam,


Thank you for your question.


We would advise that you have a look at our 100% Natural Latex Topper. This Topper is 5cm in depth, is cooler than foam and is a lot more responsive. As you have previously slept on a mattress that had a Latex Topper, you have the benefit of knowing how this would feel. This would then bring the overall depth of 22cm.



If using the Topper does not alleviate your problems and you decided to purchase a new mattress, we would then suggest having a look at our Fusion 6 100% natural Latex mattress which is a firm mattress but with your Latex Topper, would give you a medium comfort from the Topper before sinking into the firm core mattress.


 Fusion 6Dunlopillo Firmrest
CoverMicro-quilt John Ryan Cover with tape edged damask sides2cm quilted cover with Actipro
118cm 100% 80kg Natural Latex 14cm Latex (Density & blend unknown)
Total Depth18cm + 3-5 cm for the quilted cover16cm


We hope the above is of assistance to you, but please do not hesitate to telephone our office for further information on 0161 437 4419. We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am ot 4pm.


Kind Regards Julie