Mattress for sacroiliac lumbar back injury

Dawn asked
8th April 2014

Help please….. We need a new mattress!

I weigh 10 stone and have a recurring sacroiliac/lumbar back injury that means that most mattresses that we have seen are way to hard as I like to sleep on my side and back. My other half is just under 12 stone and often complains of having ‘dead arms’ and also has back damage due to too long in the army. We quite liked one of the tempur mattresses we tried but he also gets really hot…… and although we did find a really comfy one in Dreams – the connoisseur, it is fur lined and it was a superking. I am worried therefore if we go down a size to King it will get harder. Budget of course is an issue, but as sleep is essential it is more important that my back does not cause me severe pain. Thanks in advance

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answered 6 years ago

Hi Dawn,


Thank you for your enquiry on our website. I have looked at the Connoisseur mattress referred to above and note that it is a “pillow top” mattress, which we would not recommend primarily because a) it is one-sided reducing the longevity and b) once the pillow top flattens, you are unable fluff it up and this also reduces the lifespan of the mattress. I am unable to do a comparison with any of our mattresses because the specific GSM (grams per square metre) of the fillings is not disclosed.


Origins Pocket spring 1500 mattress


There is no reason to assume that, if you reduce the size of the mattress, it will become firmer. Please look at the Origins Pocket 1500.  This mattress is an excellent all-round medium feel in the comfort layers and a medium spring tension will give you both the correct level of support.


If you require further assistance with your choice, please call our office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards