Mattress recommendation for a front sleeper couple

Csongor Zalatnai asked
21st April 2017

I’m trying to find a good mattress which would ease my upper back pain caused by sitting in front of a computer all day (I’m a programmer). Both of us prefer firm mattresses. At the moment we are sleeping on a firm ikea Morgedal mattress.
Weight: 80kg (me) 65kg (my partner)
Height: 171cm both of us
Bed: 160×200 IKEA Tarva bed + Luroy slats

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answered 4 years ago

Hi there,

Thank you for your enquiry.

When buying a new mattress it is important to consider the body weights of the people who are going to use it. This will determine the spring tension required to provide the correct level of support and in your particular case, a medium spring tension/feel mattress would be most appropriate. The comfort will be provided by the upholstery and because you are from sleepers, it is important not to go too soft or too firm in this regard as this is likely to aggravate your back issue because your posture when sleeping will not be right.

Your current bed is what is known as a Euro king size and our standard king size measures 152 x 198, so would fit in length, but would be slightly shorter in width. If you are intending to continue using your existing base, we would advocate placing a barrier, usually thin (3-5mm) MDF over the slats to provide the mattress with a uniform surface upon which to sit and prevent ridging occurring as a result of the mattress dipping into the gaps between the slats.

Please view the Origins Pocket 1500, which has a standard medium tension spring unit together with man made upholstery providing an overall medium feel. This product is only available in the standard UK king size as detailed above.


 John Ryan By Design Origins 1500
1300gsm Wool
2750gsm Very Soft Polyester
3500gsm Polyester Pad
4One Inch Foam Insulator Layer
51500 Spun Bond Pocket Springs

If you required the mattress to fit exactly, then you would need to move to our Artisan range, which can have bespoke sizes made. Please view the Artisan Naturals or Artisan Bespoke 004, which should be selected with a medium tension and both of which will provide an overall medium feel in the upholstery.

The Origins Pocket 1500 and Artisan Naturals are the best selling products in their respective ranges as detailed at the foot of this response.

The Naturals is our most popular, unbeatable model with 85% natural fibres. Containing a huge GSM of fillings, including wool and mohair, on a Calico pocket spring unit. This medium feel hand crafted mattress is where we stake our reputation as ‘The Mattress Specialists’.


 John Ryan By Design Artisan NaturalsVi Spring Regal Superb
11200gsm Blended British Fleece Wool and Cotton.900gsm Blended real Shetland Isle Fleece Wool and Cotton
2Hairproof Cambric CoverHairproof Cambric Cover
31250gsm Rebound Poly Cotton1200gsm long stranded Horsetail blended with British Fleece Wool
41500gsm 100% Pure Mohair1000gsm Bonded British Fleece Wool and Cotton
51600 Calico encased Pocket Springs [ 49mm ] [1.28mm ]1720 Calico encased Pocket Springs [48mm ] [1.28mm ]
Total GSM3950gsm3100gsm

If you do decide that a bespoke size is required, please be aware that such items attract a premium in terms of price and are not covered by our 60 day “love it or return it” guarantee. In addition, if you wish to opt for this, you will need to call our office on 0161 437 4419 in order for us to confirm the price and forward a payment link.

We trust that this helps, kind regards.