New replacement JRBD mattress

precisemortgages asked 3rd October 2017


We are looking for a new mattress and will probably go for a double ottoman base as well.
I am a 50 year male, 6ft tall and 14 stone.
My wife is 47, 5ft 8 tall and 11 stone.
Would you suggest the origin 1500 as a good replacement?
Do you send out swatches of fabric? We are looking at flint chenille or charcoal bracken.

After ordering roughly how long does delivery take?

Many thanks.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi precisemortgages, 
Thank you for your question. 
At your body weights you are both matched to a Medium spring; The only thing that determines the spring tension is your body weight and it needs to be correct to give you the right level of support. 
Any of our mattresses are fine to go on to the Ottoman but we would need to know some more information regarding your current mattress and more insight into what you want from your new mattress in order to discuss whether the Origins Pocket 1500 is a suitable replacement.
We can absolutely send out some swatch samples for you but we would need you to provide your full delivery address. 
Delivery depends on which products you go for; The Ottoman Base is sent for production on a Thursday and it’s a rough full turnaround of 4 weeks to yourself from that Thursday.
Please contact me on 0161 945 3757 to discuss this query further. 
Kind Regards, Lee.