Andrew Hague asked 28th July 2017

Do you make toppers to suit your luxury mattresses. It seems weird to put a foam topper on layers of wool etc.

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Guy Blundell Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Mr Hague,

Thanks for the question,

All of our toppers are of the very highest standard, but not every mattress needs a topper. The Artisan Luxury certainly falls into this category. A topper can be used to soften the comfort layers of a mattress that is too firm, but on a mattress like the Artisan Luxury you would not need this;

This is because it’s a perfect combination of support and comfort as well as being a phenomenal [and unbeatable] mattress for the price.
The comfort level is superb, being able to adjust accordingly with weight applied. This means that for people with back problems there is nothing in the mattress that can exacerbate pressure points. This is certainly not a springy mattress.
This is the softest mattress in our Artisan range given the high GSM of the upholstery layers of wool and horsehair.
This is one of the best completely 100% natural component arrangements you can possibly get. Substantially well upholstered (4600 GSM) utilising Horsehair and Wool in a sandwich layout topped off with a blended wool and cotton primary layer.
The nearest comparable model we can find to this is the Vi-Spring Devonshire in terms of comfort. The luxury however includes horse hair and horse tail, which the Devonshire does not, making it a considerably higher specification mattress. The horse hair and horse tail layers provide support for the softer wool layers to prevent excess settlement.
This model has a 10 year guarantee.

I hope this helps,

If you have any further questions about toppers, please call the office on 0161 437 4419

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Guy Blundell