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Ryan designed this mattress to meet his own needs for a supportive yet soft mattress. Hand-crafted pocket springs and sumptuous layers of 100% natural fibres provide the softest sleep surface in the whole of our Artisan range. The vanadium coated springs are topped with 6 layers of comfort, culminating with British Fleece wool. If you like a soft but supportive mattress then this is the one for you.
GSM: 4600
Pocket Springs: 1476
Natural Fibre: 100%
Guarantee: 10 Year

The firmness of the mattress you desire is determined by a few factors. Your weight and height, and the mattress of your choice. The upholstery layers are the very top comfort layers and give different degrees of firmness alongside the spring unit which should be chosen based on your weight.

The Artisan Luxury is our softest sink 100% Natural Fibre mattress. Providing that ultra-deep comforting sink in the soft top layers. Made with entirely breathable fibres this model will help wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature unlike foams or boxed mattresses.

Blended Wool and Cotton features as the top Comfort Layer. This 50% Cotton and 50% Wool mix of a substantial overall weight allows for a deep sink sensation.

This is then followed by generous laters of Horsehair and Horsetail.

This Horsehair layer has shorter and finer fibres acting like millions of tiny springs. The loft of this layer is important as a sub-primary comfort layer. It will take a considerable number of years for this product to lose its recovery properties.

This additional layer of wool acts as a cushion between the two horsehair layers so the compression on the preceding layer of horsetail is separate to the compression on the forthcoming layer of horsehair. The support comes from 1476 Calico encased Pocket Springs in a tension of your choice.

8 padded turning handles on a kingsize.

Two rows genuine Hand Side Stitching & Hand Tufted.

The Woven mattress cover is completely Chemical-Free using a Natural plant-based fire retardancy protection.

Artisan Luxury Mattress
DEPTH 27-30cm
Rated Excellent Trustpilot
How it will feel

This model has an overall soft to medium feel in the upholstery layers and medium support. It comes in variable spring tensions which are tailored to your weight. Please choose the correct spring tension based on the table to the right or call for advice.

7-9 ST 9-11 ST 11-13 ST 13-15 ST 15-17 ST 17-19 ST
5’ - 5’3 Medium Medium Medium Medium Firm Firm
5’3 - 5’6 Medium Medium Medium Medium Firm Firm
5’6 - 5’9 Medium Medium Medium Medium Firm Firm
5’9 - 6’ Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
6’ - 6’3 Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
6’3 - 6’6 Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium
How it will feel

This is one of the best completely 100% natural component arrangements you can possibly get. Substantially well-upholstered (4600 GSM) utilising Horsehair and Wool in a sandwich layout topped off with a Blended Wool and Cotton primary layer.

The nearest comparable model we can find to this is the Vi-Spring Devonshire in terms of comfort. The Artisan Luxury, however, includes Horsehair and Horsetail, which the Devonshire does not, making it a considerably higher specification mattress. The Horsehair and Horsetail layers provide support for the softer Wool layers to prevent excess settlement.

The mattress cover is completely Chemical-Free using a Natural plant-based fire retardancy protection.

This model has a 10-year guarantee.

Rated Excellent Trustpilot

14 reviews for Artisan Luxury

  1. Jane

    Our best purchase this year

    After a good deal of research in shops and on line, we bought our new artisan luxury mattress just over 6 months ago and it is wonderful – by far the most comfortable bed we’ve slept in.
    We followed the advice given and went for a softer spring than we would have – excellent advice!
    If you are looking for a great mattress – look no further – excellent quality and great value.
    Thank you so much ? Jane

  2. Martin Smith

    Sleep comes easily in this luxurious bed

    Artisan king size – beautifully made and excellent sleep experience. I liked the website because it gave good information without pressure: a rarity! Sorting out which pocket spring was appropriate for our weights was simple. At every stage we were kept informed and delivery was helped by cheerful driver and mate. So the whole buying experience was a pleasure. Martin Smith

  3. Francis

    The thought of buying a bed over the internet had not occurred to me, but I found the web-site of this company so full of information that it was clear that here we had some self-confessed “bed nerds”. When I sent a few e-mail enquiries each one was replied to swiftly and helpfully. The same was true of telephone conversations. I was impressed by their patience and the detailed level of the advice that they provided. As we came to refine just which bed we would find most suitable there was no pressure to go for the most expensive of our options; indeed they suggested a cheaper model than originally discussed.
    We chose the “Artisan Luxury” Kingsize, medium firmness. The suggestion was that we might like to match this with a Luxury Microfibre topper from “Soak & Sleep”.
    Delivery was on time, and the men were polite and efficient. They assembled the bed and took away all packaging.
    Both my wife and I have joint and neck injuries (too many years of climbing and skiing!) so bed choice is important. After a few days getting used to the new bed we found that our sleep improved and that we were waking with fewer aches and pains. Wonderful. We have now had the bed about three months and find it blissful!
    Importantly, had we not liked the bed, it could be returned without charge during the first 30 days, and a full refund given. This gave us the confidence to order through the internet.
    As an aside; we have slept on Vi-Spring and Savoir beds in hotels and it is our opinion that the “Artisan Luxury” bed from John Ryan (together with the topper) provide us with that level of comfort and support but at a very considerably lower price. If we need to replace any other beds we will be back to John Ryan like a shot.
    One warning: it is suggested that any mattress be turned/flipped over every three months. These are not light weight mattresses and it does take two people to turn and flip; but we manage! Francis

  4. Rodolfo Gomez

    This is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Comfortable, beautifully crafted and of exceptional quality.

    I couldn’t recommend John Ryan highly enough. I was impressed by their very informative website and a fair return policy. This is a company of honest, expert craft-men that love what they do.

    I first bought an Origins Pocket 1500. An excellent mattress. After sleeping on it for almost a month, however, I decided I wanted a mattress with a softer feel and more natural fibres. So I called John Ryan and, following their advice, ended up paying the difference for the Artisan Luxury.

    I also bought from John Ryan a base + 2 drawers + 2 continental drawers + headboard, originally for the Origins Pocket. Again, great product and service. A minor mistake was made when fixing the headboard, however, which left the continental drawers at the bottom end of the bed. John Ryan was of course ready to rectify this but they didn’t have to, in the end, as we also upgraded the base for the Artisan Luxury.

    In all occasions, the helpline was very helpful and friendly, and the delivery was done professionally and in a timely manner.

    If you are looking for a new mattress, look no further.

  5. Jo Carter

    Heaven! Wanted a soft bed after tolerating a firm mattress for 9 years and with advice from very helpful staff at John Ryan, we chose the Artisan Luxury – soft for me and medium for my husband. So pleased with the mattress, divan and headboard, all seems really high quality and so similar to the Vi Spring alternatives which we tested out. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John Ryan and would definitely use again.

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