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Andrew Hunt asked
30th October 2018

We have been looking at the Swaledale Wool mattress (9,000 springs) from the John Lewis Natural Collection range which currently retails at £1,599 although this is way more than we want to spend. The reason we considered this mattress was because we both sleep very hot and were told this was the best mattress to keep us cool. Then doing some research we came across your website which has a slightly confusing amount of interesting information.
Can you help with something that will do the same job at a more reasonable price? I am 5′ 10″ weight aprox 12.5st and my wife is 5’2″ weighing aprox 10.5st.
We like a reasonably firm bed that has only a moderate amount of soft upper layers.
Many thanks.

1 Answer
Lee Lelant
answered 7 months ago

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your question. We’re proud to be one of the only fully independent hand made bed manufacturers here in the UK. All of our beds are handmade in the UK to our own designs, we don’t resell through any other retailers meaning we have a direct relationship with our valued customers offering better value for money.

Our aim is to make the best handmade mattresses possible.

We are passionate about our work and constantly strive to produce and offer the best-made mattress you can get for your money. This does not mean cheap! Our focus is based firmly on quality and supplying only the best built and constructed mattresses available that can be retailed at a fair and acceptable price. There are over 4000 or so different mattress models out there and this site represents 13 years of detailed research notes culminating in the 20 or so models in our online store we know will be quite difficult to improve upon. Use these pages as a starting point for your own research.

At your body weights we would match both of you with a Medium spring tension to get the ideal support level.

From there and everything you have disclosed, I would advise you have a look at our Artisan 1500. This model has a medium upholstery but it is the firmer side of medium and sits behind our Artisan Bespoke in terms of firmness, which is our firmest model overall.

This model is constructed with 53% natural fillings and this will give a cool sleep surface.

I hope this helps but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.