The Fusion Range

Our collection of 100% Natural Latex mattresses fully turnable, unlike memory foam counterparts. For those used to the progressive & responsive feel of a Latex mattress, our Fusion Range is the highest quality.

Fusion 3
Highly responsive and breathable 100% natural latex mattress, provides progressive firm support, along with a softer topper for extra comfort.
FROM £985
Fusion 4
Our fully turnable 100% natural latex mattress is highly responsive and provides extra firm support, along with a softer topper for added comfort.  
FROM £1025

The Origins Range

Our Origins range represents our starter models and provides the minimum standard you should expect from any of our Luxury Latex. These have been specifically designed to achieve the best mattresses you can get within this price range.

Origins Pocket Latex 1500
Combining a quality 1500 pocket spring unit with a deep Talalay latex comfort layer. Mixing both progressive comfort with traditional support. A medium firmer edge progressive feel.
FROM £720

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Luxury Latex Mattresses From John Ryan by Design

Feeling recharged after a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to start the day. Having a comfortable mattress makes all the difference, which is why you don’t want to settle for the first one you find. At John Ryan by Design we specialise in selling high-grade luxury mattresses that are practical and affordable. The foundation of our business is built on the years of knowledge we’ve gained within the mattress industry.

Providing a personal service is at the heart of everything we do, from customer advice, to selling a product. We want our customers to know the ins and outs of the mattress buying process, so we’ll bring you up to speed on every detail. Whether you need to know about size, material or build quality, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Our product range is diverse, with our Luxury Latex mattress collection being among the most comfortable. Latex is a wonderful material because of its high-grade properties. It’s supportive, durable and practical.

How does Latex differ from other mattresses?

As a material, Latex is often confused with Memory Foam because of the similar feel. Latex is a naturally occurring product that originates from Rubber trees. Natural Latex is better than Memory Foam because it doesn’t come with the same heat issues.

Compared to Memory Foam, Latex returns to its natural shape faster. Overall, a Latex mattress has greater durability and more consistent firmness.

What Latex do we use?

Our products are made from Solid Core Latex, which is 100% natural. All of the beds are Oeko-tex tested and certified, a safety standard applied to the Latex manufacturing industry. This means they are safe to use and contain no harmful substances.

What are the advantages of Latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses come with a variety of advantages, such as being allergy resistant. People who suffer with an allergy to dust are likely to benefit from a Latex mattress because the material is dust mite proof.

A Latex bed is naturally breathable, while its durability creates a supportive, long-lasting sleep experience. All of these qualities combine to ensure a good night’s rest.

What kind of Latex mattresses do we offer?

Our Fusion luxury mattresses are made up of 100% Latex. The Fusion 5 is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a medium feel mattress. Allergen free and supportive, the Fusion 5 comes with a seven year guarantee.

For anyone who wants a firmer mattress, the Fusion 4 is a good option. The firmness comes from the solid core 80 kg density Latex. It also comes with a seven year guarantee, meaning you’ll have a bed that endures.

Why buy a John Ryan mattress?

We’re not interested in selling mattresses to make easy money. You can’t put a price on integrity, which is why we’ll offer an honest opinion on every product. We’ll help you understand the smaller details of buying a mattress.

We work under a 60 day ‘Love It or Return It’ guarantee that’s designed to make sure you’re happy with a mattress. If you aren’t satisfied after a 60 day period then we’ll come and collect the mattress free of charge and give you a full refund.  

To find out more about Latex mattresses get in touch on 0161 437 4419.

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