We have long dreamt of creating the UK’s best mattress. Introducing the John Ryan by Design Legacy sleep system. The ultimate sleep experience. We have sourced fully traceable 100% Natural Fibres. Using British upholstery and heritage handcrafting. Only the best of the British have made it into the Legacy to create the worlds most perfect bed.

100% NaturalUK Upholstery
4200Total Spring Count
25 YearGuarantee

Introducing the UK's finest mattress

Why are we confident that the John Ryan Legacy as the UK’s finest natural mattress?

We have scoured the UK for the best natural fibres available, which are 100% traceable.

The bed is then constructed using heritage craftsmanship skills passed on through generations. Every detail has been engineered to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

Each bed is made to order by hand using the finest craftsmen, furnished with the highest quality materials.  Each one is irresistibly unique.

That’s why we believe ‘finest’ is an accurate description of the Legacy mattress.


The Legacy mattress layer alone has an incredible total of 10,000 GSM of luxurious, all-natural fillings.

  • 1000 GSM  British Alpaca Wool (Top layer)
  • Cambric hair proof cover
  • 1200 GSM English Swaldale Wool
  • Cambric hair proof cover
  • 1200 GSM of Horsetail
  • 1000 GSM Organic Flax (Bottom Layer Insulator)

The hand side stitched 4-row border is upholstered with 1000 GSM of Natural English Wool wrapped around the side perimeter.


All the support springs used in the Legacy are Vanadium Coated Calico Pocket Springs made in Yorkshire and hand tied.

In the Legacy mattress we use 1.4 gauge medium support springs and in the Sprung base we use a 1.6 gauge firm spring.

The base pad utilises a smaller 4″ 1.6 gauge firm support spring.

Bedframe Base Pad

Our first of a kind bed frame Base Pad, that sits within the mattress base, features 1300 Vanadium coated calico pocket springs. Similarly to a pocket sprung base this pad adds a more progressive base support layer than a simple sprung divan ever can.

Made in Yorkshire and then upholstered with 1200 GSM of Pure English Swaledale wool topped with 1000 GSM of Alpaca Fleece. This provides the first support layer for the Legacy.

The 1.6 gauge 4″ spring provides the correct amount of support for the sleeper and additional mattress layers which rest on top of it.

By using a base pad the height of the overall mattress can be reduced whilst still providing significantly more upholstery and natural fillings than a standard divan and mattress. This base pad has more natural fibres than most stand-alone mattresses. Total 4400 GSM

Sprung Edge Base

The Legacy mattress bed frame base is handmade by skilled carpenters from solid wood and has been upholstered in our unique 100% British Wool fabric. The base is made in the heart of Lancashire in one of the original stone textile mills.

The fabric is woven in Lancashire by a 4th Generation fabric weaver, Mitchel Interflex. They even have their own stream that used to power the mill. It has been blended and woven to our own secret unique specification. It’s 100% natural containing only dip dyed British Wool. Which can’t be found anywhere else.

We offer this exquisite base in a choice of either York Stone Grey or Chorley Cream fabrics.

The bed frame has a sleek minimal look to it letting the custom-made wool upholstery speak for itself.

The mattress base comes in two parts which are locked together underneath by our Teeth-lock system, ensuring no movement. It also removes the need for linking bars. It gives that seamless look to the mattress base with no movement. Fitting into any bedroom decor or stylings whether opulent or minimalist.

-1200 GSM Cashmere

-1200 GSM English Swaledale Wool

Traditional castors which are also made here in the UK are recessed to give the mattress base the illusion of floating whilst also allowing ease of movement of the mattress base if needed. Total 2400 GSM.

Base Springs

Our 100% British Wool bed frame features 1300 Vanadium Coated Calico pocket springs in a firm 1.6 gauge tension.

The sprung edge unit is countersunk into the bed frame itself. Thus removing the height issue often found with raised divans and high GSM mattresses, which can become overwhelmingly high. Countersinking allows us to layer multiple natural fibres with significant GSM contents into the mattress without making the overall height unworkable.

This base features 1200 GSM Swaledale British Wool from Edward Clay which is then topped with a super soft 1200 GSM of Luxurious Cashmere Wool.

This bed frame is fully upholstered with 100% British Wool woven by Mitchel Interlex to our own specification giving it a luxurious and robust finish. Our unique fabric has a matte finish and is smooth to the touch.


The John Ryan Legacy is the first of its kind. A fully traceable, 100% natural hand made sleep experience with every possible British material sourced here in the UK. After years of research, development in crafting bespoke mattresses and searching for the finest materials Britain has to offer; the Legacy is here. Searching for the highest quality upholstery from UK farms and suppliers has taken time and consideration. Even down to the fabrics used which have been woven to our own warp and weft specifications. You simply won’t find a better-made mattress anywhere in the British Isles.


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