Advice on Dreams Flaxby 8500 pillow top medium Superking mattress

jacimay2 asked 29th August 2017

I have ordered a mattress from Dreams with the above spec I outline in your question title bar. Meanwhile I am curious about three interesting questions that you suggest to one of your Q&A messages dated May 2017 by a gentleman who was contemplating buying a bed of the same Flaxby range from Dreams. You ask him to ask exactly what DNA springs are? Ask what the GSM is and also, what is the actual makeup of the Resilient white fibre? So now, in my case of already paid for and waiting for delivery of my said mattress, what do I do with the information they do give me when I ask? If it’s just hype or not to spec how do I know as I have nothing to measure it by? I am just wondering if I have made a great error in buying this expensive mattress and worried I might have had the bedcovers pulled over my eyes 🤔…. Please advise me further however, they do not under any circumstance offer a refund so I’m stuck with buying one of their beds regardless. I would have preferred a normal flip over tufted anyway but my hubby really wants a quilty pillow top. Please help!!! Thanking you, regards.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi jacimay2,

Thank you for your question.

Our advice is always to steer clear of Pillowtop mattresses. The reason for this is that being a one sided mattress means that the lifetime of the mattress is instantly restricted as it can’t be flipped over and it can’t have the wear and tear evenly distributed across both sides.

Fully turnable mattresses are generally considered to be the better option as regular flipping and rotation means that the mattress can fully settle across both sides. All of our pocket sprung mattresses are double sided with the exception of the Origins Pocket Latex 1500. Some latex topped mattresses are one sided, along with some cheaper mattresses. One sided upholstered mattresses should be avoided, The only one sided mattress you should accept is either layered foam or a latex topped pocket spring model, like our Pocket Latex mattress.


 John Ryan By Design Origins Latex
1300 gsm Wool Silk blend pad
23cm Talalay Latex (60/40% blend) 70kg Density
33cm Talalay Latex (60/40% blend) 70kg Density
4One inch HD Foam
51500 Spun Bond Pocket Springs

Not only that but that layer of fabric on top will eventually settle and when it does you are stuck with a compressed piece of fabric that you can’t do anything with, meaning that it can become uncomfortable.

In regards to GSM, generally more means better and the higher the GSM the higher the overall quality. This is of course dependent on what materials are used.

In regards to DNA springs, from what I can see online, this is very similar to the HD springs used in Harrisons and isn’t a unique system.

We would always recommend doing extensive research before purchasing a mattress, especially now as you’ve advised that they don’t offer a refund.

If you are concerned with your purchase then I would recommend speaking to Dreams to see what your options are.

If you require further advice please give the office a call on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards,