Buying a Firm or Medium mattress

Andrew asked 8th June 2018


I would love to buy a mattress from your company in the coming days.
My partner and I think we have settled on latex, as I am quite a warm sleeper.

We are looking at the Super King Fusion 3, which we think will be middle ground fit for the both of us.
My partner is approx 61-62kg, 25 years old, and prefers medium beds
I am around 87kg, 31 years old, and prefer medium-firm beds.
We are both quite athletic, if that makes a difference. I also generally like some support for old joint injuries (shoulders).

Do you feel that the specifications of the Fusion 3 are likely to be a good match for us, or would you have other recommendations?

I look forward to your response.


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Lee Lelant Staff answered 8 months ago

Good Morning Andrew,
Thanks for your question. 
Th Fusion 3 is our softest mattress within our Latex range as it has the medium density core mattress and then an additional latex topper that provides and extra comfort layer. 
At 61-62kg this will give a medium feel in the top layers and at 87kg this will give a medium to soft feel in the top layers. 
Latex is a cool material but natural fillings are what give the coolest sleep surface. Our Artisan range are traditional pocket sprung mattresses with natural fillings. Pocket Sprung mattresses tend to give a better support as you have the spring supporting your body weight and then the fillings, that sit atop the springs, giving the comfort layer. 
It might be worth having a look at something like the Artisan Naturals or the Artisan Luxury. The Naturals is our true medium in the top layers giving a slight sink but not too much. The Luxury is the softest mattress in the top layers giving that luxurious sink in sensation. At your body weights you would both be matched with a Medium spring tension to get the right level of support. 
I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419. 

Kind Regards, Lee.