Feeling springs through mattress

Ben asked
14th May 2014

Hello and thank you for this article!

I recently bought a Truro Orthopaedic single and king size mattress from a well known catalogue company and I can feel the springs through the mattress – I had a quick look and I definitely have it the right way up. I have a bad stomach ache tonight and it feels even more uncomfortable than usual – I am lying on top of my duvet on my bed and I can still feel the springs!!

Any advice on whether this could be at all acceptable?

Kind Regards, Ben

1 Answer
answered 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your question and feedback.

This is not ideal at all. Any mattress that’s worth it’s weight should have an ample amount of fillings to stop you feeling the springs.

We ourselves always advise that spring count is less important; It’s more about the fillings that go into the mattress because this is where you get your comfort from. This is the main reason we construct no mattress with more than 2500 springs in the construction – Any more than this is just not needed.

What you might be best looking into, if a return of the product isn’t an option, is a thick luxurious mattress topper. This introduces an extra comfort layer to the mattress whilst at the same time adding a level of protection to it. It might be worth checking a company online called Soak and Sleep. They have a wide range of different mattress toppers with different depths that might be more suited to your needs. Our toppers only go up to a depth of 7.5cm and generally we only pair ours with foam or latex mattresses.

Generally, we find if that you if pair a naturally filled mattress, for example, with a foam or latex topper it can completely change the sleep surface so our advice is always, where you can, pair the mattress with the same material in the topper or as close as you can get it.

I hope this has helped but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.