Does a sprung base make a firm mattress feel softer?

Pauline Russell asked
2nd June 2019

We have a very good sprung base ,in excellent condition although 10 yrs old.If I buy a level 4 ie firm mattress does a sprung base make it softer? Hence looking to buy just a natural mattress that you can turn over with no gell or foam content.

I ask because I have several times recently slept on my daughters Monte Carlo Driftwood by Sealy King size bed -level 3 ( she got it from a major bed retailer and it was very expensive ) and her husband is much heavier than her so went for lots of springs )

It was a level 3 mattress with 3800 springs and I did find it was very firm

BUT my back has been much better sleeping on this bed-so should we definitely go for a medium mattress as you suggested – I am a side sleeper -the same as my husband


1 Answer
Michaela Long
answered 3 years ago

Hi Pauline,
A pocket sprung base will soften the overall feel of a mattress. Some mattresses are designed to go on these bases, like our Artisan range, and putting them on a sprung base gives the true feel of the mattress. It is fine to put mattresses that are designed for sprung bases onto a platform base but it will firm up the feel. Putting a mattress that is designed for a platform base onto a sprung base will give it a softer feel.
Your daughter’s mattress is a medium (level 3 at Bensons) and as they don’t state the spring tension I assume that it is a medium tension as well which would mean that you are getting the correct support from it. If they bought the complete bed from Bensons then it is on a platform base to give it it’s true feel.  This mattress is also a one-sided mattress which means you can not prolong the life span of the mattress by regularly turning the mattress.

As you are both side sleepers and you found your daughter’s medium mattress firm you may want to consider something that is soft in the upholstery but that still has a medium spring tension to give you both the correct level of support. Our softest natural fibre mattress is our Artisan Luxury. If you prefer a firmer feel then putting a medium mattress such as the Artisan Bespoke 004 onto your sprung base would be the way to go.
I hope this is helpful and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161437 4419.
Kind Regards