Is the Artisan Naturals mattress on par with Harrisons?

18th April 2012

Hi, i have spent days & night reading all your very informative literature.

I am now stuck between the origins 1500/2000 pocket unit or origins 1500/2000 latex spec.

Or indeed going the whole hog and buying the Artisan Naturals.

I am after a superking.

By all accounts it sounds like you would prefer not to sell the latex spec but due to popular demand you have too.

It sounds like you don’t particularly approve of 1 sided/no turn mattresses.

If im right in thinking (which i may not be because all this searching is sooo tiring – I even looked up what your talalay latex is!!) I should go for the Origins 1500/2000 pocket unit and add my own topper, this way it would last a lot longer and possibly be cheaper and i can just change toppers rather than whole mattress.

Would you say your Artisan Naturals are on par with the Harrison bed of 4000 pocket springs, I ask because i have been offered one of those at similar price to yours.

I would appreciate any help you could give me.