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Heather Cunningham asked 2nd August 2017

Thinking about vi-spring mattress. Your artisan range looks good but may be too soft? I am under 9 stone, my husband is under 12 stone. I have a sprung edge divan base from John Lewis natural collection ( these cost a grand now,so puts mattress pricing into perspective), and will use some kind of topper for hygeine and to stop top layers sagging immediately. I want natural fibres, especially horsehair,as wool on its own sinks too quickly. Having made the memory foam mistake, I want to buy the right thing first time, as I will never hear the end of it otherwise. Current one-sided mattress feels like a trampoline, must be open spring, but manufacturers label gone so no other clue, but has confirmed my prejudices in favour of old fashioned and \’expensive\’.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 2 years ago

Good Morning Heather,

Thank you for your question.

We do compare our own Artisan range to the Vi-Spring range. These are constructed in the same way as Vi-Spring due to the inclusion of Calico pocket springs.

The general feedback we get back is that our Artisan range comes in feeling slightly firmer than the Vi-Spring.

With the body weights provided, you are both matched to a medium spring tension. This is what gives you the correct level of support from within the mattress itself.

After that is established the main thing to consider is how you want the top upholstery layers, also known as the comfort layers, to feel.

To give you an idea of comparison models; Our Artisan Luxury is the softest mattress that we offer, the Artisan Naturals is the true medium feeling mattress and the Artisan Bespoke is the firmest mattress that we offer.


These have a differing percentage of natural fibres and materials dependent on the model.

Comfort is very subjective and what is comfortable to you isn’t comfortable to me for example.

Don’t forget that you are protected under our 60 Day Love It or Return It guarantee; This is a no quibble policy and if you don’t get on with the mattress for any reason you can return it for a full refund.

In regards to toppers, we always advised to trial the mattress for 4-6 weeks to get a true and accurate feel of it before adding a topper. This might then highlight that you don’t need one and it also saves you going to the extra expense right at the beginning.

I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards, Lee.