Mattress for slats vs mattress for a divan

11th September 2016

We are befuddled after a morning looking at mattresses in Hedge End. We liked the firmness category 3 best (Bensons and Bradbeers) and we liked the Tempur original but very expensive as we need 2.
Should we be looking at 2 different kinds of mattress as we need 2 mattresses- one for a pine slatted bed and one for a divan?

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Lee Staff
answered 5 years ago

Hi Margaret,

You’re bound to feel befuddled, the retail mattress world has been built around confusion, secrecy and bamboozling people into submission!

We would need to know your weights and heights to recommend any mattresses from our handmade range. However, look below for the three best sellers as a good place to start the search.

As for bases it really depends on the mattress you choose and the feel you want to achieve. A sprung edge divan will give a softer overall feel than a platform top divan for example. We have a detailed post that goes through all the base differences you may be faced with.

With slatted bases, we always recommend you board over the slats. Why? This is because high-quality mattresses are heavy due to all the fillings in them, when placed on slats they can conform to the gaps between them causing over time dips and settlements. These can be avoided by boarding over them. It also helps make the base more stable. Slatted bases are usually the cheapest base construction, so there is no point putting a high-quality mattress on them without boarding them first.

The decision between Tempur, Memory, Hybrid, Latex or a traditional natural pocket sprung mattress is tricky. Usually, people prefer one over the other. We don’t sell Memory foam due to the reduced life span and heat issues, more on that here. Hybrid and Latex is more responsive and malleable. Traditional pocket sprung are usually more robust and less heat retentive. These are generalisations and all depends on the GSM and blends of materials.

If you can let us know your weight and height we can help you narrow this search down to a much less confusing number of models!

We look forward to hearing from you on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards Gary