Pocket Sprung with Topper or Memory Foam

Richard asked 21st August 2017

My wife and I have decided we would like a new memory foam mattress (king sized to go on sprung slats with 1 inch gaps. I’m 11st, she’s 10st). We looked at a Tempur Cloud 21 (perhaps it was a 22) and both really liked the softness of the top layer, such that it met our requirements. I’m determined to get better quality for a lower price, hence I’d prefer to purchase a Hybrid 4 mattress. On your product page, you describe the Hybrid 4 as being like the Tempur Cloud 27, which we tried but found slightly firmer than we wanted. How soft is the top layer on the Hybrid 4? Is it noticeably ‘sink into’ or more ‘rest on top of’?
The other thought would be one of your foam toppers on an Origins 1500 mattress. The trouble was, we tried several untopped pocket sprung mattress (including a 10k Vispring one) and really didn’t get on with them, so I don’t know how suitable a pocket sprung mattress with memory foam topper would be.
I’d appreciate your opinions. We’re currently on a £200 ikea foam mattress that feels too firm to both of us, so the comfort of the top layer is really important. I have aching hips and legs that have persisted through the last two mattresses we’ve had, so I’d like something that alleviates the discomfort.

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Julie Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your question.

Our Hybrid 4 does have a similar feel to the Tempur Cloud 27 and if you found that mattress slightly too firm then our Hybrid 4 would feel the same.


Origins Comfort 1000 luxury mattress

You would be better looking at our Origins Comfort 1000 which is a soft mattress in the comfort layers and adding a Laygel topper which will then give you that initial soft sink into the mattress topper before hitting the core mattress which will then give the correct support that you both need.  The Origins Pocket 1500 is more of a medium in the comfort layers and I feel this would be slightly too firm for you both.

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