Simulated side stitching explained

sally asked
7th September 2016

What is ‘simulated side stitching’ on a mattress?

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Lee Staff
answered 6 years ago

Hi Sally,

That’s a really good question. Side stitching on a mattress, when done properly, ensures that the pocket spring unit is attached to the side panel via stitching. This means that if you compress the edge the side of the mattress doesn’t bulge out or distort. It helps keep the mattresses shape and stability.

You can either have it done by hand, known as hand side stitching, which is the highest quality as a skilled mattress tailor individually stitches each row to the spring unit, as seen in our Artisan Range. See below for an image of one of our mattresses being hand side stitched.

The other type of side stitching is simulated side stitching. This is where the side panel is pre-stitched to look like its side stitched but it is not actually sewn into the spring unit at all. It’s like having a pocket that is stitched closed. The panel still needs to be attached to the spring unit which we always do on our Origins range which feature ‘machine stitched’ side panels. Simulated side stitched panels differ because they are not attached to the spring unit, its a corner cutting exercise for a lot of bed manufacturers.

It’s done to give the illusion of a quality mattress but is another trick that cheap manufacturers use to pretend the mattress is high quality when it is anything but! Avoid at all costs or you end up with a bulging springy unstable edge to a mattress. You can easily tell a simulated side stitching, just sit on the edge of the bed and watch the side panel bulge out like a baggy pair of trousers!

We hope this helps but please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information and advice on 0161 437 4419.

Kind regards Julie